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while using computers to create media products.

Video Production Curriculum

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"Points of Viewing Childrens Thinking" by Ricki Goldman-Segall. It's an ethnographic study (using video to collect data) of middle school kids and how they think while using computers to create media products. Fascinating. And what makes it even better is its companion website As I read the book, and conversations with students were described, I could log on to the site, find the page of the book and download a video of the conversation (a hefty download, admittedly, but gives one time to read further). And there's an online message board to add comments to about the book and the author's theories on kids' diverse ways of learning in the digital age. Pretty impressive -- one of the best uses of the Web so far. Check it out!

Some good news for female consumers and digital media mavens: The NAD (National Advertising Division, the ad industry's self-regulatory watchdog), became concerned over a couple of recent P&G mascara ads because they over-used Photoshop to make lashes appear thicker and longer than possible with the product. The manufacturers have voluntarily pulled the print ads.
The ads: Taylor Swift advertising for CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara and CoverGirl Last Blast Fusion.
From the NAD: "You can't use a photograph to demonstrate how a cosmetic will look after it is applied to a woman's face and then - in the mice type - have a disclosure that says 'okay, not really.'"

This was a self-regulatory action, which means that the Federal government was not involved. However, if the ads had continued, the Federal Trade Commission could very well have enforced our truth in advertising laws.
See the ads / reports: &
Now, if we could just get advertisers to stop Photoshoping every woman in an ad into an absurd Barbie doll.

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