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Educational CyberplayGround Expert Smart e-pants RingleadersThe real measure of demand for the Educational CyberPlayGround isn't how many people line up to eat the free lunch I've made but how many volunteer to help you prepare it.

RingLeaders help you with the experience of being there, being with like-minded people, screaming with you at the top of your lungs - the ringleader eggs you on. They are grateful people, happy to help you, they like your energy too.

Ring Leaders are National and International Award Winning Experts who happen to be the Best, Nicest, Smart e-pants People in the Country. The creative lunatics. The authentic voices. The community activists. The visionary entrepreneurs, reaching out beyond their own ego. The madmen and madwomen with a mission. The people that give something back. The culture jammers. The ones making a difference . . . in other words they are my friends :-)

RingLeaders are Experts in their fields who Volunteer to help you. We are so lucky that they make themselves available like this and isn't it why we all just love the net !?!

A prerequisite of any Knowledge Management system should have Knowledge Development as its base and as your focus. Keeping skills up to date is a major challenge, and knowledge management is an activity relating to Knowledge which as been already developed. Getting a good education means seeking out good teachers in any subject and paying attention. And asking lots of questions. These experts have already invented the wheel. . . go be their apprentice! Go play with them.

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JOE MESSINA Grammy & Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Jazz Guitarist, Master Musician, Teacher and Funk Brother starring in "Standing In The Shadows of Motown" Movie

CARLA BENSON Vocalist, Section Leader for the Background Vocalists featured on stage and screen with the Funk Brothers "Standing In The Shadows of Motown"

JOEL BERNSTEIN Lifetime Achievement Award Winning Photographer, Musician, Author, Archivist, World's leading authority on musician Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and many more.

BUDDY KIRSCHNER Concerts Present . Music Promoter North East US -- Jimmy Cliff, Buddy Guy, Little Feat, Bluegrass legends Ralph Stanley w/ Peter Rowan and Tony Rice and many more.


AMY SOSNOV ESQ. Sosnov & Sosnov
President Martin S. Wilson Center for the Arts



KAREN ELLIS Founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround, Guavaberry Books, and the National Children's Folksong Repository Project, Standing In The Shadows of Motown Funk Brothers Web Quest and K12 Online Curricula

One of the Best Ways to Sum Me Up:
A researcher filmed children romping in a school playground at lunch hour each seemed to be "doing his own thing." When they played it and rolled the film, the two fit perfectly-- for all of the film's four and a half minutes. But there was no music playing in that playground, says the author, "Without knowing it, they were all moving to a beat they generated themselves." music and rhythm are part of what draw us into the larger body of the superorganism. 31b
Careful study showed that the group was moving in synchrony to a silent rhythm. Edward T. Hall of Beyond Culture hid in an abandoned car and filmed children romping in a school playground at lunch hour. Screaming, laughing, running and jumping, each seemed superficially to be doing his or her own thing. But careful analysis revealed that the group was moving to a unified rhythm. One Little Girl, far more active than the rest, covered the entire schoolyard in her play. Hall and his student realized that without knowing it, she was "the director" and "the orchestrator." From The Dance of Life, The Other Dimension of Time, by Edward T. Hall, pp. 154-156, 1983 by Edward T. Hall Associates; Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, NY
Eventually, the researchers found a tune that fit the silent cadence. When they played it and rolled the film, it looked exactly as if each kid were dancing to the melody. But there had been no music playing in the schoolyard. Said Hall, "Without knowing it, they were all moving to a beat they generated themselves." William Condon was led to conclude that it doesn't make sense to view humans as "isolated entities." And Edward Hall took this inference a step further: "an unconscious undercurrent of synchronized movement tied the group together" into what he called a "shared organizational form." ~ Frederick Erickson Professor of Ed