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Video Production Curriculum

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Multimedia Assessments: Tools for making dynamic audio-and video-based tests

Video, audio, and images can spark students' imaginations in ways that text alone sometimes can't. Likewise, multimedia often helps students gain a deeper understanding of a question. In the past a struggling reader might have had assessment questions read aloud to him or her. Now, online video and audio allows these students take tests without another reader present.

Why teach how to make videos?

YouTube star Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg earned $7.4 million from his YouTube channel in 2014.
YouTube keeps a 45% cut of any ad revenue gathered by one of your videos. And that's before taxes and your own operating and editing costs. Statsheep, a site that generates statistical estimates about YouTube channels, estimates that PewDiePie actually earns an ongoing $3.5 million every four months, or $10.5 million per year, based on his recent traffic. $10.5 million a year! Just for making jokes about video games!
But ... PewDiePie is probably making a lot less than that after YouTube and taxes take their cut. Here's the math: PewDiePie total revenue: $10.5 million After YouTube's 45% cut: $5.775 million After taxes @30% after YouTube's cut: $4.0425 million Net income: $4 million, roughly.


2016 YouTube lets you blur any part of an uploaded video. “The concept isn't entirely new - in 2012, YouTube launched a face blurring tool to help anonymize people in videos. With today's update, users can blur out any section of the video - be it unwanted license plates, visible phone numbers, wardrobe malfunctions, disturbing imagery, or the like.”
So, how do you blur a face in a YouTube video? Well, once you've selected the video you want to edit within the Video Enhancements tool, you then head to Additional Features and click Apply underneath Blur All Faces. Right before you publish, you will see a preview of what the video will look like. When you save the changes, a new copy will be created with the blurred faces included. You can then delete the original video.

Facebook has a video-stealing problem:

2015 Facebook vs. Youtube
Facebook roughly 1/5th of the number of Video views as they claim
Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video Facebook says it's now streaming more video than YouTube. To be able to make that claim, all they had to do was cheat, lie, and steal.


Educational Technology Curriculum
Scope & Sequence: Video Curriculum Grades K-8

  • Quality video for broadcast webinars and live stream events.
    920 Logitech webcam As for audio - if I am conducting a live stream I will use a headset, if I have a speaker on my live streams I will also ask them to use a headset. Also I make adjustments on my livestream site regarding the quality of the sound etc.
  • Tell your story - Gossiping serves a purpose.
  • "Learning from Your Community" PDF Folklore and Video in the Schools A Classroom Curriculum and still find it for grades 4 - 8 guide to using video in the classroom.
  • Reviews of 10 Major Video Sites
  • Use of Video in Higher Ed
  • Five Steps to Multimedia Reporting
    Novice journalists who hope to follow in the footsteps of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite or even Maria Shriver may find themselves puzzled about how to start in the world of multimedia reporting. learn about choosing a story, doing fieldwork, editing their piece, and even offer a few tips on shooting video.
  • ABOUT PODCASTING - VIDEO BLOGGING, Broadcasting, Vlog, AND Streaming
  • Free teachers blogging site
  • Interview with YouTube founders.
  • Playing video games reduces sex differences in spatial skills
    Findings to be published in October issue of Psychological Science Sep 27/07
    University of Toronto researchers have discovered that differences between men and women on some tasks that require spatial skills are largely eliminated after both groups play a video game for only a few hours. The research, to be published in the October issue of Psychological Science, suggests that a new approach involving action video games can be used to improve spatial skills that are essential for everyday activities such as reading a map, driving a car, assembling a barbeque or learning advanced math.


Matt Valluzzi Of Inspire Me Pictures Explains What He Thinks Goes Into Making A Great Music Video



This guy is using a Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP and shows what it does but not how to do it. But you may want to check out Professor Monkey - Video Tutorial


Try using:

  • Firefox Mozilla Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video. Use your web browser to combine video and audio with content from the rest of the web — from text, links and maps to pictures and live feeds.
  • Dorgem open source webcam capture application
  • free and easy as pie but has an advertisement at the end.
  • Festoon used with skype
  • ShowMeDos are videos by the people, for the people. If you've got any skills you'd like to share, we would love to hear from you. You'll find production advice and know-how.
  • CamStudio 2.0 is a free utility able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)
  • CamStudio on SourceForge:
  • Not sure how to download CamStudio from Sourceforge? Click here to watch a video or you can download the video from here.
  • WorldTV has announced that it is starting Internet TV Charts, a way of tracking the most popular video across YouTube, Google Video, Digg, and VideoSift. New charts will be released every Sunday at 7pm. (There will be editorials in place to filter out "objectionable content" and highly-viewed but low-rated content.) In the future there will aso be daily charts for popular videos.
  • Research other webcam things to know
Save YouTube videos for any device



Online Vixynet will convert FLV for you.





Free Culture says it's interested in the way YouTube's content-fingerprinting technology works, and the extent to which it is infringing on users' right to fair use.
Every month, thousands of videos are pulled off YouTube for copyright infringement and other user-flagged violations. A student organization at MIT called Free Culture has compiled a kind of online eulogizer for videos lost to copyright claims, tracking all the metadata from the video, including which user asked that it be taken down. Warner Music Group, which goes by the username WMG, had a total of 1440 takedowns in 2008--already in 2009 the music company scored over twice that number, registering at 3707 takedowns. According to YouTomb's math, the average life of a copyright infringing video from WMG has gone from 54 days in November of 2008 to just eight days as of February 2009.Another phenomenon the site highlights: brainless automated copyright flags on material that isn't actually an infringement at all. Take, for example, videos of music fans playing tributes to their favorite bands.

Tribute is not Theft - the Living Room Rock Gods got angry and organized.

Youtomb Blog
In some cases, the recordings produced by the LRRG are executed so accurately as to be registered as a positive match by YouTube/Google's automated Content ID system. As with many of the communities using YouTube to share their work, the LRRG has been hit very hard by the recent deluge of brainless copyright claims by major media corporations. Zodiakironfist, founder of the LRRG, has already received six takedown notices for his home recordings. Sad but true, few musicians have spoken out in defense of their fans.



5 Best Practices That Will Maximize Video Conferencing's Value in the Classroom
A veteran of the technology shares the implementation strategies that schools should follow to make their distance learning programs shine.


Claymation Project

A great activity for students at any age is claymation. A typical claymation project can last an entire 6 weeks or longer. It also helps students to build team-specific roles within the production group. The team building aspect is great! They each bring their own gift to the project and develop a sense of collaboration and responsibility in the creation of an original production.

Claymation allows students to develop:
-an original idea,
-a simple story line,
-create a basic story board,
-write simple scripts,
-build small sets, and
-have a blast designing clay characters.Materials can be gathered from the Art Department, and the clay is relatively inexpensive.The fun part is the problem solving aspect that comes in determining camera composition.
Imagine your students lending their voices as part of the script.
And, music can be used to enhance their project. A site I have found useful is: Free Play Music - The music comes in a variety of formats and lengths, and best of all, you can use it free! - As long as its non-profit.

There are several good web sites that provide claymation instruction and lesson plans.

Some sites have sample claymation movies that your students can view to get ideas. Just point your browser and explore.


Archived Lectures and Presentations

  •, aims to be a national treasury of documentary films about folk art and culture. Filmmaker and Folkstreams founder Tom Davenport on Hollin Farm has lived most of his life on a farm nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. "They are storytellers, musicians, craftspeople who live in isolated worlds and are known almost exclusively by their community," Ferris says. So the filmmaker offers a window on those worlds, and when that film is featured on the Internet, it brings a powerful kind of visibility to traditional families and musical worlds that are largely unknown."
  • MIT World Archive
  • A Comprehensive List of Film and Video Archives Around the World
  • Power Director 4 is a very nice video editor with excellent picture-in-picture and powerful special effects. Together, these two products give Windows users tremendous video production capabilities.

Around the World

The Movie Picture Archive from the Internet Archive
Take special note of the Prelinger Archives. What is it? "Prelinger Archives was founded in 1983 by Rick Prelinger in New York City. Over the next twenty years, it grew into a collection of over 48,000 "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films. In 2002, the film collection was acquired by the Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division. Prelinger Archives remains in existence, holding approximately 4,000 titles on videotape and a smaller collection of film materials acquired subsequent to the Library of Congress transaction."

The Internet Archive is Also Home to the Universal Newsreels Archive 601 newsreels from 1929 to 1967.

Multimedia Content via the Library of Congress American Memory Project
You'll find movies, sound recordings, and more.

Top 20 Video Sharing Sites

Google Video - Look to these different niches and upload your video with related keywords to attract traffic.

YouTube - If you upload your content to only one web site, it should be YouTube.

MySpace - Videos uploaded to MySpace may be shared and posted to MySpace profiles other than your own, so take advantage of this by uploading your content and letting your circle of friends know.

AOL Video - Very easy to use, due to the simplicity of its design and strong search options.

Blip - A great site for video bloggers

BigContact - This is a publishing and promotion platform where users may publish audio and video podcasts, customizable streaming mp3 and video sites, news feeds, shareable streaming radio channels, and more. A free FeedPlayer is available dow download, which can play, share, and promote podcasts immediately.

ClipShack - ClipShak is a video-sharing site that looks a lot like YouTube. You have access to Google Maps so that you can map your content and search by location.

BuzzNet - Primarily for music videos.

Blinkx - Blinkx is a video search engine which allows users across the world to search through the entire Web for the videos they want. Europe: A Collection of Historic Television Commercials via Blinkx. More than 5000 commercials have been digitised.

Daily Motion - In France so video's pulled from american sites like youtube are put up on daily motion.


JumpCut - Another video-sharing platform where you can make your own "movie" with Jumpcut editor.

MetaCafe - Metacafe offers a desktop application, mainly targeted at users who are downloading several videos per week. The Best Videos from Students and Teachers Everywhere

Teachertube Our goal is to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos.

Viddler - Allows you to tag the time in the video

VideoEgg - With a variety of video formats, VideoEgg contains a section where you can easily blog or share your Flash videos.

Vimeo - Another free and easy service for sharing videos with friends and family

Vmix - This attractive, easy-to-navigate site has several options which are great for promoting independent music.

Veoh - Veoh offers free downloads of all videos posted. VeohPlayer, allows users to download videos from thousands websites and watch them at anytime. - Provides a world-class, online domain on which educators can store, categorize, and rate the best, K - 12 educational videos on the Internet today. And to make this service FREE so teachers, parents and students everywhere may have access to those videos.

Selections from the The Newsfilm Library at the University of South Carolina

Surgery Videos (via the National Library of Medicine)

NASA Video Archive NASA Image Exchange (NIX)
Limit your NIX search to movie or video.

NOAA: A Gallery of Historical Films

Canada: The CBC Archives

Canada: Digitisation Projects from Library and Archives Canada including:
Virtual Silver Screen
Featuring Gratien Gelinas

Germany: German newsreel archives (Wochenschau-Archiv)
Via BUFVC annotation: "The Federal Film Archives, Berlin, are digitising the Deutsche Wocheschau newsreel collection of German newsreels from 1949 and making them freely available over the internet. Over 4,000 stories have been issued so far, for lowband (56K) or broadband (250K) connections, using Windows Media Player."

UK: British Path Film Archive and offers over 100 years of digitized film.
Material from British Pathe newsreel archive (1896-1970).
Both services are free or available at a VERY low cost for individual use. The British Universities Newsreel Database (BUND) will also be of interest. Direct links to the Pathe database.

UK: Nation on Film From the BBC.