The Internet Fraud Watch
maintains a website on which registered users can leave comments about e-commerce transactions and other related issues. The site, which is operated by the National Consumer League, has links to United States Federal Government consumer related departments, selected state government and state private agency consumer issue websites, as well as links to a few Canadian, a few international and a few organization websites. There is a feature article and an archive of past articles on consumer fraud issues.

The National Consumers League 1-800-876-7060
the oldest nonprofit consumer organization in the United States, has set up a special National Fraud Information Center on the Internet for online users to get advice and to report rip-offs.


From NetHappenings Mailing List

Top 10 list of Consumer Fraud Complaints for 2003. The FTC recently announced it's new 2003 report. Online auctions are the worst.
buySAFE recently launched with an entirely unique solution that eliminates online transaction risk for buyers., in partnership with The Hartford Financial Services Group, uses surety bonds to completely guarantee a merchant's performance in an online transaction, thus eliminating all online auction fraud and seller default risks for buyers. Surety bonds, having been in use for thousands of years, is a simple, three-party agreement between a buyer, a seller and a surety company.