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Eleanor Saitta ‏@Dymaxion is a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian.
8 May 2014
Repeat after me: all technical problems of sufficient scope or impact are actually political problems first.

Hook Analyser A Freeware Malware Analysis and Cyber Threat Intelligence Software.

Cybersecurity is a corrupt industry that needs bad guys to stay lucrative. It's not the best product that wins, but the best marketed product. It is a racket. Without the “robbers,” the “cops” have no business; the more breaches occur, the more money the cybersecurity companies make.

NCSI staged the largest, most successful federal information sharing conference in history on August 21-24, 2006 in Denver. The event, formerly known as the Intelink Conference, and now titled The DNI's Information Sharing Conference & Technology Exposition (DISCo)

F-Secure - I love it.

7/03 The "Security Vulnerability Reporting and Response Process"
lays out a regimented timeline and set of steps for the interaction between the person who discovers a vulnerability and the vendor or vendors affected by the problem. It addresses a wide range of issues, including how and when to notify the vendor, how the vendor should respond, how long the researcher should wait for a response and how to resolve communications problems or disputes. OIS members said they were happy with the way the comment period went and are satisfied with the final version. BlackHat "Law of Vulnerabilities"


American Society for Industrial Security

BSY's Security Related Net-pointers

CERT Coordination Center
Publishes incident notes to provide information about incidents to the Internet community.

CounterPane Counterpane Systems Internet Security, Inc CRYPTO LINKS

Eggleston's Internet Security Starter

Electronic Privacy Information Center Home Page


NSA President Truman's 1952 memorandum establishing the NSA is available on
the website of the National Security Archive here:

The Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC)
is the central coordination and analysis facility dealing with computer security related issues affecting the civilian agencies and departments of the Federal Government.

w00w00 Security Research Group

Chris Wysopal is now the director of research and development for @stake

Haven Company - Ryan Lackey (415) 704 3498

Honey pot network can gather evidence for catching and prosecuting hackers. It's Free.

Home PC Firewall Guide

Kevin D. Mitnick, Defensive Thinking Inc., and has written a book on computer security, " The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security,"

Lloyd's of London offers Exclusive Insurance for Counterpane Customers
Lloyd's of London
is offering insurance against Internet and e-commerce security breaches. Dubbed 'the first of its kind,' it is designed to protect against loss of revenues and information assets that might be caused by hacker attacks and other security problems. The insurance will be offered through Counterpane Internet Security Inc.Lloyd's of London offers Exclusive Insurance for Counterpane Customers

Piermont Information Systems Inc.
A consulting firm specializing in security aspects of computer and telephone signaling networks. We also have extensive experience, and active projects, in the areas of application and system software development and large scale system deployment and management.

He is also responsible for protecting over 1000 corporate networks, including Tower Record, Mercedes Benz, and BlueCross BlueShield, via his innovative web service. Gerhard is a respected teacher, speaker, researcher and writer. His most well-known publications include Active Security, Automating Security Management, Multi-Tier IDS. He holds several patents on related topics including security integration and security management. Gerhard is also founder of IDS GmbH, a secure remote tool company acquired by McAfee. Gerhard teaches on the field of network security at his alma mater, the University of Linz, Austria. Gerhard speaks regularly at events such as RSA, InfoSec, SANS, and CSI.

Rob Slade is a data communications and security specialist

Security Management Online

Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

The Securiteam
A central Security web site containing all the newest security information from mailing lists, hacker channels designed to help you cope with the newest security threats and keep you closely updated.

The Shmoo Group
article " The point of the hacker robot is that it can become an autonomous hacker droid," said Paul Holman, the robot's co-designer, who demonstrated it for the first time at the DefCon hacker convention here. "It can get in close to the network. On the offensive side, it can be used for corporate or political espionage. On the defensive side, it can be used for network vulnerability assessment." Nanny Cams

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