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Educational CyberPlayGround wins Hot Site Award 1999-- AWARDS
Sam Meddis, USA Today Hot Sites

Educational CyberPlayGround wins USA Today Hot Site Award "Educational Webliography" 11/1999
The Educational CyberPlayGround provides teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and regular folks a "webliography" of links to educational resources in a wide range of subjects. With a cool choice of site maps to browse from.

Educational CyberPlayGround wins Hot Site Award 1999















New York Times Site Of The Day 5/2000

USA TODAY Education Award 1/90/02


USA Today
Search Results Title: The Educational CyberPlayGroundDescription:
A helpful resource to teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and even those with little or no on-line experience, to use the Internet effectively to aid teaching.

USA Today Archive: Publication Date: 01-09-1999 Keywords


MSNBC Web Picks 11/1999




MacWorld Online


Macworld High-Quality Education on the Web 50 of the Best Sites and A IS FOR ART 2000


[ PRESS ] Published Saturday, January 1, 2000 selectedstories&nextStoryNum=80807132&nextFolder=854&FOLDER_ID=854&prevFolder=854&firstStoryNum=81254612

ECP Founder meets Secretary of Education Rod Paige 11/2001

1/10/2002 From Education Site to Porn Portal by Joyce Kasman Valenza


Philadelphia Inquirer April 18, 2000


Tech Philadelphia May 12, 2000

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Bury Dead Ed Dot's with Dignity
Md. ballet troupe tangled in Web's stickier strands Abandoned address snapped up for porn
By Johnathon E. Briggs November 16, 2001 [was]
[snip] Just capitalism
"It's a dog-eat-dog world on the Internet, just as any business market is," said Karen Ellis, founder of the Educational CyberPlayground, a Web site designed to teach educators how to use the Internet effectively, and a proponent of better disposal of expired domain names. "It's not personal, it's not extortion, it's capitalism."


and . . . what happens to your online accounts when you die?

Cablevision's Optimum Online Our Schools Site Link of the Week Review Educational CyberPlayGround Review By Judith Bernstein


CN8 Newsmakers Television Interview
Host Candace Kelly Aired Pennsylvania November 17th - 23rd 1999
Host Carla Showell - Lee Airs Pennsylvania March 7, 2001 Delaware March 14, 2001


National Education Association January 13, 2000
Give teachers and students a good reason to use a computer, learn to use the world wide web, -- integrate technology, literacy and music into the classroom curriculum and you'll know why you want to visit this site. It's an innovative dynamic model using the World Wide Web and integrating Literacy, Technology and the Arts, effecting a systemic change for the disenfranchised group of people created by illiteracy.


URLwire for Monday, February 5, 2001 FEATURE Black History Month Online Best Sites Guide

-- HW Wilson Library NewsFlashes October 19, 1999
" Yes, a cybrarian's webliography... The Educational Cyber PlayGround provides teachers, parents, librarians, home schoolers and "regular folks" a "cybrarian's webliography" of links to educational resources in the arts, music, literacy, linguistics, science, technology, social studies, and interdisciplinary educational curriculum. With an interdisciplinary point of view, the site guides you to online curricula, and more. "The Educational Cyber PlayGround began in 1997 when I recognized the need for a place for newbies to start. It was also a great place to house custom curriculum delivered by the Internet, and a place for all of us to play in cyberspace, " writes webmaster Karen Ellis. See what's good at the Cyber PlayGround at

Education World January 30, 1999
" Black History Month All Year Long This site has enough black history resources to keep you busy for an entire year! Links to lessons are included, along with sources for folktales, the Underground Railroad, and the Amistad.",3652,2319901,00.html
Educator and author Karen Ellis has spent three years planning and building the Cyber Playground. It's now open for business and beta-testing. The crisp and clean playground walks technophobic teachers and parents through crystal-clear instructions. Sections are almost equally divided among instructions, curriculum, and the mall. You might also consider joining her interdisciplinary interactive list, Diversity University Collaboratory.

Eschool News Online 12/1999
This month's very best web sites for teaching, learning and leading Curriculum Best new instructional resources on the internet "Educational CyberPlayGround" makes learning (and playing) safe and easy.

Eschool News Article Published October 10/02

Womens Entrepreneurs Network PA
Philadelphia Woman Receives National Attention for Website Read Article

Benton Foundation April 12, 2000

MultiMedia Schools Magazine Sept. 2000

Thinking Outside The Box Featured Site bLink Magazine August 2000Earthlink
EarthLink member Karen Ellis founded the Educational CyberPlayGround to provide a community for intuitive learners, adult learners, and educators working with students on the Web and in classrooms. Using her experiences teaching movement, dance, and elementary education to young people in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ellis set up a learning site that celebrates diversity in students' backgrounds while highlighting the variety in students' preferred approaches to learning. When you access her award-winning site, you can choose the map that matches your learning style (intuitive, logical, or visual) by clicking on the "search this site" pull-down menu. Explore playful educational approaches to music, arts, literacy, and technology. Then sign up for her high-quality, low-volume mailing list: Diversity University Collaboratory, an exciting community of students of all ages and teachers who share ideas about how you can learn without leaving your cultural identity behind. Hot Site Pick Search Instructor Resources
The Educational CyberPlayGround provides teachers, parents, librarians, and home schoolers, more than 6,200 links to educational resources. Category: Education Search

TechLEARNING Site of the Day Dec. 2001

Good House Keeping Site of The Day February 3, 2003


Karen Ellis Comcast NewsMakers Broadcast Video

Real Audio Download Comcast

NewsMakers TV Interview with Karen Ellis from 2000 or 2001
Comcast is one of the nation's largest regional cable networks reaching close to 4 million households in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Takes about 10 minutes to download with a 28.8 connection.

Kudos /Testimonials

-- Gleason Sackman 9/2/99
"Nicely laid out, and an excellent selection of resources. I'm sure it had kept you busy, and will keep you busy! :) I checked out the Teacher, Internet, and Literacy sections.
Nice job! Hope you get lots of 'hits'!
In 1998, Sackman received the SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding Service Award. In addition, in 1996, he was rated #10 on Newsweek's prestigious list of the
"50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet."

(Newsweek, Dec25, 1995/Jan. 1, 1996)
The Net-Happenings mailing list was stared in 1994 then migrated to the HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites

-- Al Haskvitz 7/30/99
"What a useful site, and it is original, too. There is so much there, both in quality and quantity."

-- Joan Korenman 4/24/00 "Many many thanks for your support and for the terrific work you're doing."
Director Center for Women and Information Technology - University of Maryland

-- Buffy Sainte-Marie 11/3/99 "It looks like you're doing some neat stuff. I'll check in again.Best wishes! "
Cradleboard Teaching Project <> Personal Web Site

--Tom March 3/1/99 "You've done a lot of good work."
Online Learning Strategies & Consulting
Father of the WebQuest

-- Dr. Don Beck 11/15/99 "I looked at your site this week and quickly sent it to a number of people who work in creative games and other such innovative deeds. Clearly, you are not only at the cutting edge, you are, indeed, cutting the edge... Don the No 1 fan!'
Co-Founder - National Values Center
1999 State of the World Forum <> The Search For Cohesion In The Age of Fragmentation From The New World Order to the Next Global Mesh

-- Howard Bloom 3/2001 says: "Founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround - An ambitious, sprawling treasure trove of resources, complete with internal search engine, run by International Paleopsychology Project member Karen Ellis, a leading figure in the application of music to education."
Scientist, Author Howard Bloom

-- Gary Chapman 8/18/99
"Your site looks very good, thanks. I think it will be very useful to educators and parents. It's a tremendous amount of information, mountains of useful info. Congratulations on a job well done!"
Director The 21st Century Project

-- Senator Connie Williams (D) PA 4/17/2000
"Karen, your site is great. I wish I had more time to search it. Good luck, and thanks for keeping in touch.

-- Walter McKenzie - Surfaquarium January 8, 2000 Educational Cyberplayground - Excellent home base for teachers just getting started online; there's an exhaustive set of materials here to help you learn the ins and outs, jargon and best bets on the Internet for educators. Even if you're not in need of this kind of support for yourself, remember thus URL for colleagues!
April 8,2000 A great alchemy of instruction and technology, brought together just for teachers to make for truly worthwhile surfing - a must see site! Surfaquarium Innovative Teacher Announcement

Surfaquarium Top Online Educator Award 2005
Surfaquarium awards
Karen Ellis Top Online Educator 2005
volume 7 issue 7



Innovative Teaching


The Busy Educator Award Marjan Glavac

Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.

Family Friendly Award

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