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WwwFetch E-mail Gateway Help




Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997 04:02:00 +0300


To: (my first email address from 1991 )
Subject: WwwFetch E-mail Gateway Help

WwwFetch E-Mail Gateway

The WwwFetch E-mail Gateway allows to fulfil e-mail queries to the WwwFetch utility that is originally located at The query results can be either sent via e-mail (MIME or uuencoded ZIP file) or stored at anonymous ftp site (URL


You should send your message to Depending on the 'Subject:' field parameter, the following action is implemented:

1. 'Subject:' field contains the word 'query' -- the routine procedure is implemented

2. 'Subject:' field contains the word 'info' or 'help' -- this file is sent back.

3. 'Subject:' field contains the word 'remove' -- your email address is removed from the distribution list.

For querying, the following options are available and should be written in the body of a message (without any brackets!):

Query: <Search Pattern>

URL: <additional URLs separated by spaces>

Images: [Yes/No]

OS: [Dos/Win3.x or UNIX/Win95/Mac]

Files: < # of files <=10 >

Limit: < # of MBytes <= 1.0 >

Send: [No or MIME or UUE]

Split: <size in KBytes>

e x p l a n a t i o n

1. Query:

A Boolean search pattern can be written here. Example:

Clinton OR Dole NOT Perot

2. URL:

Not more than 10 extra URLs are allowed to be added here. It is better to add one line for each URL.

3. Images:

Options are 'Yes' (retrieve images) or 'No'. Default: 'No'.

4. OS:

Options are 'DOS' (filenames have 3-letter extension, e.g. 'index.htm')

or 'UNIX' (filenames have generally no limits on extension length).

Those using Windows3.x can select 'DOS' while Windows95 and Mac users

can select 'UNIX'. Default: 'DOS'.

5. Files:

Number of files to retrieve. Less or equal than 15. Default: 5.

6. Limit:

Upper limit to the total size of files (in MBytes). Less or equal

than 1.0 MBytes. Default: 0.5.

7. Send:

Options are 'No' (do not send ZIP file via e-mail), 'MIME' (send

base64-encoded ZIP file), and 'UUE' (send uuencoded ZIP file).

Default: 'No'.

8. Split:

Specifies the maximum size before splitting into parts (in KBytes).

Only for MIME mails. Default: 10000.

ATTENTION: all parameters are case-insensitive except of 'Query:'!!!

Parameters 'Query:' or 'URL:' are mandatory, i.e., one of these two MUST be included for querying. The others are optional. Note that the order of parameters is unimportant.