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Learn to Be a Ham Radio Operator

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2017 Garden School ham radio club connects loved ones in storm-battered Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Amateur and GMRS radio repeaters In Maria's wake, shortwave radio has been key to communicating in Puerto Rico Fifty amateur ham radio operators are headed there to support recovery operations (CNN)The phone call from the Red Cross came in late Friday night, just as the full scale of Hurricane Maria's calamity began taking shape. "We need 50 of your best radio operators to go down to Puerto Rico." In the days after the worst storm in three generations hit the American island -- and for many more to come -- public electrical, land-line and cellular communication systems showed few signs of life. And radio networks used routinely by police officers, power company workers and other first responder still were down. No gas. No food. No power. Puerto Ricans fear their future.

Ham radio operators saving Puerto Rico one transmission at a time 350 operators offer to help. Yet, a key mode of communication -- one not reliant on infrastructure vulnerable to strong winds and flooding -- still crackled: the "ham" radio. Answering the phone that night in Connecticut was the emergency manager for the American Radio Relay League, the group's CEO said. For more than a century, this group has served as a hub for amateurs licensed to operate the dependable, if archaic, medium known as ham radio and eager to pitch in when disaster strikes.

Whitefish Energy milked Puerto Rico for millions: report
No amount of corporate spin has made the Whitefish scandal go away. The governor of Puerto Rico called for the contract to be cancelled last month, and at least four congressional committees are investigating it, along with the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. It aroused suspicion when it was announced because Whitefish Energy had only been in existence for two years, only had two full-time employees when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, had no experience on projects of the magnitude facing Puerto Rico and was located in the same hometown as Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.

American Red Cross Asks ARRL's Assistance with Puerto Rico Relief Effort

09/24/2017 The American Red Cross (ARC) has asked the ARRL for assistance with relief efforts in Puerto Rico. ARC needs up to 50 radio amateurs who can help record, enter, and submit disaster-survivor information into the ARC Safe and Well system. In the nearly 75-year relationship between ARRL and ARC, this is the first time such a request for assistance on this scale has been made. ARRL now is looking for radio amateurs who can step up and volunteer to help our friends in Puerto Rico.


Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area

If no listings are shown for the area you are interested in, please check back as we update this page daily. You may also use the club locator page to find clubs that conduct exam sessions as part of their offered services. - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Database - does NOT include Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands

USVI Recovery Official site for the recovery effort. -- @usvirginislands On September 6th, Hurricane Irma tore through the U.S. Virgin Islands, causing catastrophic destruction and killing more than 33 people across the Caribbean. The Category 5 storm brought 185 mph winds that caused untold damage and devastation to once idyllic St. John and St. Thomas. Just two weeks later, another Category 5 storm, Hurricane Maria, hit the Caribbean and caused more destruction, especially on St. Croix. The government teamed up with the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, <> a longstanding nonprofit organization, which will manage the funds. To donate, simply Click here to donate EMA again provided contact information for persons wishing to apply for individual assistance. Telephone number 1-800-621-3362 and online Click here to donate or send a check to: Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands P.O. Box 11790 St. Thomas, VI 00801-4790 (indicate FFVI in the memo field) For more information, visit or contact or 340-201-0299 with questions. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. Schools In St. Thomas-St. John District Open Oct. 10;

From: Richard Murnane
Subject: Ham radios in the aftermath of 11 September 2001
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 11:25:10 +1000
As others have noted, the terrorist attacks of 11th September caused major disruption to land-line and cellular phone communications. What hasn't been widely reported is that 570 Amateur (ham) Radio operators from 35 states and two Canadian provinces provided auxiliary radio communications to relief agencies operating in the affected areas.
The lesson is that even the most modern communications technology can fail, and that there is still value in having an independent communications infrastructure, especially when it costs the community little or nothing to maintain it.

Richard Murnane, Australian Amateur Radio station VK2SKY

In addition to helping out at emergencies when they happen, hams train every year for emergency communications in lots of ways. The most popular of those is "Field Day" where groups of amateurs put together stations "in the field" that often operate off independent power sources for a 24 hour continuous period and attempt to communicate with as many other such stations as possible. Field Day is always the fourth full weekend In June every year and usually around 30,000 amateurs all over the United States participate. In addition to voice modes (the most popular), many stations communicate via satellites and packet radio (even TCP/IP) as well. See The American Radio Relay League