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Computers in Cars expose the vehicles to malware cyber attacks

Hack Cars

Automobile Hacking, Part 1:
The CAN Protocol August 4, 2017

Vehicles are enhanced with embedded chips and sensors but embedded devices, the systems and data collected are not protected.

Microchips are embedded in almost all parts of an automobile, including airbags, brakes, power seats, cruise-control systems, anti-theft gadgets and communication devices with no security !!!

VW caught using software to evade emissions tests in cars

9/23/15 VW Chief Winterkorn Steps Down After Emissions Scandal
U.S. officials caught the company cheating on emissions tests, leaving the world’s top-selling automaker to appoint a fresh leader to repair its reputation among customers, dealers and regulators around the globe. Stepping down after almost a decade in charge, Winterkorn said he was accepting the consequences of the mushrooming scandal that has wiped 20 billion euros ($22 billion) off the company’s market value. the Wolfsburg, Germany-based company fitted diesel-powered vehicles with software that circumvented air pollution controls, then lied about it to the U.S. Environmental Protection. The scheme intended to dupe regulators and consumers about emissions of diesel engines installed in 11 million cars worldwide -- more vehicles than VW sells in a year.Agency for nearly a year.

Amid VW Scandal, Critics Want Access To Carmakers' Computer Code


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