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Creole - French Creole in Louisanna - Kreyol Alphabet

Alphabè Kreyòl la
The Kreyol Alphabet

Korekt tograf Kreyl (KK) - spell checker for Haitian Creole

RIP 2015 Allen Toussaint
He was a French Creole Speaker in Louisanna interview

Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana Nick Spitzer film on African American dance-hall music in French-speaking southwest Louisiana, with Dolon Carriere, Armand Ardoin, and Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin

Cajun Country
The Louisianna bayous combine West Indian, native American and hillbilly ingredients into a unique cultural gumbo. Alan Lomax's Cajun Country investigates Cajun's roots in Western France, visits their cattle drives, horse races, and barroom dances in rural Louisiana, and listens to the salty tales and raunchy songs of its black, white, and Indian music-makers. Alphabè Kreyòl la
The Kreyol Alphabet

letter name sound as in
a ah a hat
an ah-en awn lawn
b bee same as English
ch see-ahsh ch machine
d dee same as English
e ay ay day
è ay grav e get
f ehf same as English
g gay g always like in go
i ee i machine
j zhee z leizure
k ka same as English
l ell same as English
m em same as English
n en same as English
o o o hot
ò o grav aw saw
ou ow ou you
p pee same as English
r ah-wah n/a say Randy and place a hard H sound
before the r; to me the sound when made
correctly sound a lot like "w".
s ess same as English
t tah same as English
v va same as English
w doob va same as English
y eep-seelon y, ee y like in yes except
at the end a word where it's like
the ee y in "see ya!" with the a cut short.
z zed same as English
nn, nm n/a makes vowel nasal
ann/anm, enn, enm = aun of "auntie"
inn = sang without the g.
onn = song without the g.

Stress is on the last syllable.