Irish American Vernacular English

Our National (Irish) Language ~ By Thomas Davis
MEN are ever valued most for peculiar and original qualities. A man who can only talk commonplace, and act according to routine, has little weight. To speak, look, and do what your own soul from its depths orders you are credentials of greatness which all men understand and acknowledge. Such a man's dictum has more influence than the reasoning of an imitative or commonplace man. He fills his circle with confidence. He is self-possessed, firm, accurate, and daring. Such men are the pioneers of civilization, and the rulers of the human heart. <snip>


Thought Police: You can't think all that wonderfully well without words and whoever controls the language controls the conversatoins and perhaps what you are allowed to think and know. THIS IS CENSORSHIP. 

An entire country of Irish people / journalists / musicians, and athletes speaking Irish to each other have no problem with the etymology of jazz being Irish. Irish Language Speakers know how TEAS is pronounced and what it means. We will not tolerate word robbery that fosters obscurity and oblivion of the very words that keep the threads "knowing", a people's identity, and culture intact. The very words that cut back through the fog of time and our the culture's memory.
A people's language being relegated to the UNKOWN as if it doesn't exist. As if a people's identity which is entirely known by their language do not exist. As if what their culture, and cultural memory  knows doesn't exist. No theft of memory allowed here, words trace our memories, and our identities.
From Threatened Languages to Threatened Lives Daniel L. Everett.

Etymology of Sneak -sneaky gossip serves a purpose If you do not get to - have - keep - and possess your own words, then in time you and your people won't remember and know what you know.