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Papiamentu Persian

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Abenaki: Welcome to the Abenaki Language
Ainu: Ainu Language
Albanian: Albanian
Albanian: Albanian Language
Arabic: Learn to Read Arabic
Arabic: WEB Arabic (in English and French)
Arabic: Let's Learn Some Arabic
Aramaic: Learn Assyrian (Syriac-Aramaic) Online
Armenian: Armenian Lessons Online
Armenian: Armenian Lessons
Asturian: Deprendi Asturianu
Asturian: Llingua Asturiana
Basque/Euskara: Basque Studies Program
Basque/Euskara: Buber's Euskara Page
Bengali: Learn to Read Bengali
Bosnian: Learn Bosnian Language
Breton: Kervarker
Burmese: Burmese Language
Catalan: Learning Catalan
Catalan: Catalan Grammar
Chamorro: The Chamorro Language of Guam
Chamorro: Chamorro Language
Cherokee: History of The Cherokee "tsa-la-gi" Language
Cherokee: Basic Cherokee
Cherokee: Cherokee Language Lessons
Chichewa: Chichewa Language Materials
Chinese: Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
Chinese: Chinese Multimedia Tutorial
Chinese: Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
Chinese: Learn Chinese
Chinese: Online College of Chinese Language
Chinook: Chinook Jargon
Cornish: Warlinenn - The Cornish Language Online
Cornish: Kernewek dre Gesroesweyth
Creole: Lousiana Creole Grammer
Croatian: Croatian Language
Czech: The Little Czech Primer
Czech: Local Lingo - a Czech Language Site
Dakota: The Dakota Language Homepage
Danish: Danish Grammar
Dutch: Integral Dutch Course
Dutch: Learn Dutch
Dutch: Dutch Language Course Online
Dutch: Dutch for Beginners
Dutch: Introduction to the Dutch Language
Dutch: Dutch for Travelers
Dutch: Learn Flemish/Learn Dutch
English: English Page
English: Practice for learners of English
English: EF Englishtown
English: English For All
English: Learn English For Israeli Students
English: Easy English for Russians
English: Transitional English for Speakers of Spanish
English: ¡Hable Inglés en sólo un año!
Spanish Lessons for English
English: La Mansion del Ingles
Spanish Lessons for English
Esperanto: Esperanto HyperCourse
Esperanto: Cours Gratuit d'Espéranto
French lessons for Esperanto
Esperanto: Lernu!
Many languages for lessons in Esperanto
Euskara: Buber's Euskara Page
Finnish: Tavataan tass!
Finnish: Finnish Grammar Bits
Finnish: Ymmärrä suomea
French: French Lessons from Everywhere
French: French Language Lessons
French: French Assistant
French: The French Tutorial
French: About: French Language
French: French For Beginners
French: RealFrench
French: ZUT - Interactive Activities for French
French: French Revision
Frisian: Frisian Course
Gaelic: Elementary Course of Gaelic
Gaelic: Irish Gaelic Handout
Gaelic: Irish Language Lessons
Gaelic: Interactive Irish Lessons
Gaelic: Learn How to Speak Irish Gaelic
Gaelic: Interactive Irish Lessons
Gaelic: Manx Gaelic Lessons
German: German for Travellers
German: Deutsche Internet Übungen
German: Internet Handbook of German Grammar
German: LearnPlus Deutsch 1
German: GUT - Interactive Activities for German
German: Deutsch lernen im Internet
Greek: Modern Greek - Advanced Level
Greek: Greek through the Internet
Greek: Learn to Read Greek
Greek: Modern Greek as a foreign language
Greek: Learn Greek Online !
Greek: Greek Lessons
Gujarati: UKIndia Learn Gujarati
Gwich'in: Gwich'in Language Lessons
Hebrew: Learn to Read Hebrew
Hebrew: Hebrew For Me
Hebrew: Online Hebrew Tutorial
Hebrew: Basic Hebrew
Hebrew: Biblia Hebraica
Hebrew: Aleph-Bet on the Net
Hebrew: Easy Hebrew/Ivrit bkalut
Hindi: Hindi Program at Penn
Hindi: Virtual Hindi
Hindi: Hindi at SU
Hindi: A Door Into Hindi
Hindi: Ukindia Learn to Read Hindi
Hungarian: Hungarian Language Course
Icelandic: Icelandic Grammar Notebook
Indonesian: SEAsite
Indonesian: Beginning Indonesian
Italian: Web Italian Lessons, by Lucio Chiappetti
Italian: CyberItalian
Italian: Italian Language Course for the Internet
Italian: The Italian Electronic Classroom
Japanese: Absolutely learn Japanese-Online
Japanese: Jôyô 96
Japanese: The Japanese Page
Japanese: Free Japanese Lessons!
Khmer: Learn How To Read And Write Khmer
Kiribati: Kiribati Language Lessons
Konkani: Learn Konkani
Korean: Korean through English
Korean: Kosnet - Korean Study Network
Korean: Introduction To Korean
Korean: Let's Learn Korean
Lao: LCW - Lao Language
Lao: Lao Language - Interactive Lao Language Learning
Latin: Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
Latvian: Language Helpers
Lithuanian: Lithuanian: Learning The Language
Lithuanian: Lithuanian: Lithuanian Language Club
Luganda: A Primer on speaking and writing Luganda
Malay: Malay Language & Literature
Maltese: Basic Maltese Grammar
Mandinka: Mandinka Grammar Manual(pdf)
Marathi: MarathiMitra
Norwegian: Alphabet and pronunciation
Papiamentu: Papiamentu - Papiamento
Persian: Persian is Sugar!
Polish: A Course of the Polish Language
Polish: Univ. of Pittsburgh: Polish Language Website
Portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese
Portuguese: Short Portuguese Lessons
Portuguese: De Tudo Um Pouco
Portuguese: Portugisisk Grammatik (In Danish)
Punjabi: UKIndia How to Read Punjabi
Punjabi: Learn Punjabi
Quechua: Curso de Quechua
Quechua: Basic Quechua Lessons
Russian: Learn to Read Russian
Russian: Textbook Of The Russian Language
Russian: Learn Russian Language
Russian: A Course of Russian Language in Spanish
Sanskrit: Ukindia Learn Sanskrit
Sesotho: Sesotho Language Course
Serbian: Serbo-Croat Language
Somali: Learning Somalian
Spanish: Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones
Spanish: Ejercicios de lengua española
Spanish: Spanish Course for Beginners
Spanish: Learn Spanish
Spanish: Learn Spanish: Free Online Tutorial
Spanish: Learn Spanish
Spanish: LearnPlus Español 1
Spanish: Spanish Unlimited
Spanish: Learn Spanish Online
Swahili: Useful Swahili
Swahili: Kiswahili Grammar Notes
Swedish: Swedish Language Course
Swedish: Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course
Tagalog: Tagalog Language Homepage
Tamil: Learn to Read Tamil
Tamil: Thamil Paadanool - Learn Tamil
Tamil: Learn Tamil Through English
Telugu: Learn Spoken Telugu
Tibetan: The Tibetan Language Student
Thai: Thai Language Page
Thai: Thai Homepage
Thai: Learning Thai Language the Easy Way!
Turkish: Turkish Lessons
Turkish: Turkce2020 Grammar Vocabulary
Turkish: OnlineTurkish
Turkish: Turkish Language Class
Tzotzil: Sk'op Sotz'leb
Urdu: Learn to Read Urdu
Vietnamese: Spoken Vietnamese For Beginners
Welsh: Catchphrase Lessons
Wollof: Wollof Grammar Manual (pdf)
Xhosa: Xhosa
Yiddish: Yiddish