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The School Study Council of Ohio has been offering inservice training and technical assistance for more than 30 years and has been developing online services since 1993.
Looking for well organized, accredited courses that offer specialized training and professional development opportunities? The School Study Council has launched SSCOnline, a new virtual campus that offers small, highly interactive classes customized by each instructor. Students have the option of taking the courses for graduate credit, or for Ohio Continuing Education Units. Additionally, students may audit any class for a minimal fee, and have until the third week of class to decide if they wish to switch to one of the credit options offered.
Of specific interest to Sigtel-l members: Internet for Educators: Introduction to Networked Learning (IN520) introduces teachers, administrators, curriculum supervisors, librarians, and others to the Internet and challenges them to design and develop networked learning activities, lesson plans, and projects. The Internet is a new and rapidly evolving communications medium that is generating excitement in the education community for its potential role in opening up new learning opportunities for both students and professionals. Students in the class will become familiar with the functional capabilities of the Internet, including email, telnet, gopher, ftp, listservs, world wide web, chat, and news groups. They will learn to identify and describe the types of online activities and projects that have been implemented in educational settings, and will be able to discuss the educational benefits and problems/issues associated with networked learning activities. Students will be able to construct a network learning activity based upon information from research and practice, and optionally, will implement the activity or project they design in class in