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How do you entice people to join you? How do you look cool? How does everyone have fun?

2017 The #OpenData nerds unite! The first conference of the largest structured free knowledge project is underway #WikidataCon

For TAGS fans exciting news.... @mhawksey Chief Innovation, Community and Technology Officer at ALT, by night a Google Developer Expert, mashup, social network, analytics, Google Apps Script, data junkie.
Using Google Spreadsheet to automatically monitor Twitter event hashtags and more. Little did I know then that 7 years later I'd still be working on this idea in the form of TAGS.

TAGS Explorer by @mhawksey - the Twitter conversation during #WikidataCon #DataIsBeautiful #Wikidata #OpenData

'Embedding almost anything like a Twitter Search widget in new Google Sites' … #GSuite #gsuiteedu

2010 #Marketing is about leading tribes nowadays. "CMO now stands for Chief Movement Officer" - Seth Godin #cmo

The way you succeed today is to start with a tiny niche and grow it. And you don't grow it via hype, via spam, telling people to pay attention, but by providing tools that your believers can use to spread the word.

"The First Follower: Linchpin to Creative Leadership"
Leadership Lessons and making a movement - watch it happen in under 3 minutes. Succinctly said, Leadership is Over Rated. The best way to make a movement, if you really care, is to courageously follow and show others how to follow. I think we all secretly want to be the leader and control everything. However, there is a lot to be said about the fearless follower. That is authenticity. They are not following the crowd. They see something they like and jump in with both feet. The world needs more fearless followers.


Fake viral campaigns have become a ploy of the modern age. Anything that erodes an atmosphere of confidence hurts the entire community, says Len Shyles, an associate professor of communication at Villanova University, in an e-mail. “It is dishonest because it leads people to believe it is something it is not,” says Professor Shyles. “It is designed to manipulate public opinion."

RT A Flesch-Kincaid test gave ReTweets a reading grade level of 6.47 years of education, while random Tweets only required 6.04 years.

The Linguistics of ReTweets ReTweets are the first entirely observable and analyzable viral content spreading mechanism in the history of mankind and as such they offer an unparalleled window into what makes humans spread ideas. Another characteristic commonly found in viral content is novelty; that is, the “newness” of the ideas and information presented. Constructive words like build and create behavior are ReTweetable, while abstract thought and sensation-based words are not. Tweets about work, religion, money and media/celebrities are more ReTweetable than Tweets about negative emotions, sensations, swear words and self-reference.
*Please RT helps. -- Twitter Grader Tool

Marketers create programs that are "not interruptive or [about] sneaking an ad in, but part of an overall self-expression experience.
Marketing is increasingly about self-expression, and social networking and virtual worlds and embellishing their pages. This is accomplished by using tools, characters, and icons designed to promote empowerment and self-expression.
Cross-device integration: mobile gadgets, IM, and online sites are not separate channels it will all occur seamlessly over multiple devices.

Engagement marketing and Participatory Advertising Advertisers sponsor home pages, skins, and other branded content so kids who are attracted to a sponsor will make it their own, and spread it virally, becoming brand advocates.

Brand integration is absolutely a way to fit in and stand out as part of a social network. But as online consumers become more sophisticated. The sponsor must be brought into the community beyond 'click me, touch me, view me.
Parents may want to know what "brand integration" means. It's the buzzword social-networking companies use when they talk about how they're going to make money on the millions of profiles and blogs on their sites.
The kid version of "brand integration," is also called "immersive advertising," and finds sponsors like Lucky Charms cereal. Two clever examples in teen social networking are's advertiser-sponsored "tags," which described as graphic icons that kids can trade with online friendship bracelets.

Advertisers sponsor home pages' 'skins' [such as a Web page's "wallpaper" and other elements that give it a certain look and feel] and other branded content so kids who are attracted to a sponsor 'will make it their own, and spread it virally, becoming brand advocates.



Social Networking [1] Getting Integrated
"Social networking is plainly the future of media," says Greg Tseng, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based A key trend in OSN for 2007 is a heightened focus on integrated brand engagement. Teens constitute Tagged's target audience. Tagged relies on advertiser-sponsored "tags" - graphic icons that kids can trade à la online friendship bracelets. The tags "automatically imply endorsement for a product [and] allow for significant brand engagement integrated into the fabric of the site. But they're less intrusive than regular advertising."In terms of revenue-generating business models, OSN sites remain in an embryonic state. Some, such as MySpace, have turned to music-downloading services and real-life events to boost their bottom lines; Facebook this fall introduced a low-cost, self-service marketing component, and several corporations have launched their own branded social networking sites and channels. In an effort to appeal to its target's passion for self-expression.

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