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Internet Architecture and Governance

11/17/14 PRESS Coverage on ISOC AND IAB Statments

NETmundial statement: Rift forms between ISOC and WEF on Internet governance
Two organizations whose voices hold considerable sway on Internet governance issues--which appeared up until just last weekend to be speaking in harmony--now find themselves at odds. <here>

Internet Society slams online 'UN Security Council' plan, snubs permanent seat offer
The Internet Society has blasted efforts from some quarters to create a "UN Security Council" for the internet - which would rule over the online world. The society (ISoc) is a non-profit organization that, among other things, runs the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which develops and publishes crucial internet's standards. <here>

DJ Internet Still Grappling with Too Many Cooks? It's not just the name of a viral video -- many Internet rule makers are stepping on each other's toes. The latest is the Internet Society, which came out against a new initiative called NETmundial led by Brazilian officials, Icann and the World Economic Forum. NETmundial wants to spread Internet governance more evenly across the developing world, but the Internet Society has issues with the new group's transparency and accountability. These disputes should only be more common as the US government turns crucial oversight of the Internet's address system to the global community. What that community will look like remains an open question.

IAB statement:

Encrypt everything, urges Internet Architecture Board (mentions ISOC) <here>

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has issued a sweeping directive “for protocol designers, developers, and operators to make encryption the norm for Internet traffic ,” even while acknowledging that such an approach will create major obstacles for some network operations.

EVERYTHING needs crypto says Internet Architecture Board <here>
The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has called for encryption to become the norm for all internet traffic. Last Friday, the IAB issued a statement saying that since there is no single place in the Internet protocol stack that offers the chance to protect “all kinds of communication”, encryption must be adopted throughout the protocol stack.

Encryption should be the norm, says internet overlord <here>
ENCRYPTION SHOULD BE a matter of priority and used by default. That's the message from the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the worldwide body in charge of the internet's technology infrastructure. The IAB warned in a statement that "the capabilities and activities of attackers are greater and more pervasive than previously known".

IAB Urges Designers to Make Encryption the Default <here>
The Internet Architecture Board, the body in charge of overseeing the structure of many of the Internet's key standards, has recommended that encryption be the default traffic option for protocols. The recommendation comes after more than 18 months of revelations about the pervasive surveillance activities online by intelligence agencies.