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Many of you are using an e-mail program which supports the sending of messages in "HTML format" (so that you can include all those nifty bells and whistles like boldfacing, centering, italicizing, colored font type etc.)

Problem is, that only works if you're e-mailing to a friend who has the SAME type of e-mail program.

Suggestion: Turn OFF the HTML coding for messages you send to all your friends and especially to all your MAILING LISTS.

When your messages go out to HUNDREDS of people on a mailing list who, in all likelyhood, do NOT have the same program you have, they will see your "HTML Code" you sent and this results in the "garbage" of funny looking characters.

How to TURN Off HTML in Hotmail

In the default setup of all Hotmail members' e-mail accounts.
All IE (Internet Explorer) or Netscape Users e-mail messages are now being sent in HTML format.

If you're a member of a LISTSERV, you should turn this feature OFF!

Listservs generally frown on sending HTML-based messages. " Plain text" is the generally-accepted standard.


If you're using Internet Explorer to access your HotMail account, go into HotMail's "Compose" window and make sure that the Rich Text field is UNchecked (if it is checked, click on the checkmark to turn it off).

If you use Netscape to read Hotmail, go to Netscape's Edit menu, choose Preferences, then Mail and Newsgroups, then Formatting. Select "Use the plain text editor to compose messages." (If "Mail and Newsgroups" has a + next to it, click on the + to show all the options.)