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SYNTAX: Study Finds Net Users Poor at Search Strategies


This syntax works on Yahoo, MSN.
example: site:gov newspapers
Limits to only sites in the .gov domain.
limits to pages from Microsoft that contain the word baseball.

Google Search Technique:
Use the syntax filetype. filetype:(txt) or filetype:pdf
To include this in your search type +filetype:pdf
to exclude it type -filetype:pdf
Example:if you were looking for music information for a certain type of music, but wanted to avoid PDF music forms or documents, you could create a query like: "The Band" wheels on fire +filetype:txt

If you wanted to find all the .edu pages about Karen Ellis. You will need to use syntaxes. Look at 3 examples below

  • allintitle:
  • allinurl:
  • site:edu

Google allows the following search:

allintitle:"name" site:com brings you to your name

intitle:name intitle:name

Warning: when you are using more than two syntaxes you have to be careful sometimes using

allintitle: and allinurl:

together can cause search errors. Instead, use

intitle: and inurl:

This query works:
intitle:name intitle:name inurl:name site:com