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The point of being a bureaucracy-free zone is to enable folks to do things they want to do but can't easily manage in the institutional world. Whether because of scarce resources or briar-patches of persnickety polices, institutions sometimes put roadblocks in place where we would like to see open doors.

FREE Weebly Site for Education

FREE Weebly Site for All

FREE WEBS for all Built by the Maryland Public Television and Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education is centered around Maryland teachers but offers space to everyone.

"partnership" program, which lets you become a free Web space provider yourself.

Profuse Host
At this free Web hosting service, you get 1,000 megs of space, as well as unlimited monthly bandwidth. Profuse Host offers lots of useful features, including free domain and subdomain hosting, PHP/MySQL support, E-mail accounts, FTP access, FrontPage extensions, and more.
Are you searching for a free Web hosting service? This directory lets you easily find a free Web hoster that fits your requirements. You can search over 360 hosters for specific features, including amount of space offered, bandwidth, databases, scripts allowed, and more.
Here's a versatile free Web hoster that features domain and subdomain hosting. This service offers "unlimited" Web space and bandwidth and high-traffic sites are eligible for a free domain. Here, you get free FTP access, PHP/MySQL support and more.
Here's a reliable free, banner-supported Web hosting service that offers you 100 megs of space, along with FTP support, site promotion, and speedy servers.
This free, ad-supported service lets you set up your own portal, complete with features like Web logs, photo galleries, contact lists, aouncements, news feeds and more. You also have the option of using your own domain name for your portal at no extra cost.
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This helpful directory offers a nice roundup of free hosting services on the Web. Here, you'll also find listings for commercial hosters, as well as other hosting-related services, such as free domain names and URL hosting services.
A speedy, solid free hosting service which offers 20 megabytes of Web space for your personal or commercial Web site. lets you use your own domain name or you may choose from among 12 virtual domains. Here, you get full FTP access, as well as an easy-to-use Web-based file manager. Other features include unlimited E-mail addresses, a guestbook, counter, templates and more. Excellent tech support is provided via E-mail. webhosting Allows 5 megs of of server space with support for ftp. Zoom also features a rather large collection of free clip art for use on your pages. Offers 10 megs of storage,provides page templates for novices, and uses their own file manager system to upload files to their servers.

College Club Provides free web pages (2 Mb limit) and e-mail account ( Enroll on the WWW with e-mail confirmation; existing e-mail address required.

DC Registry
Provides free web pages (200 Kb, may be increased) to Wash., D.C. area residents; guestbook. Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. (Washington, D.C.)

The Main Quad
Provides free web pages (150 Kb limit) to college and university students, alumni, faculty and staff. Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. (San Francisco, California)

The Express Page
Provides free web page using a template and form input, HTML allowed in text area (maximum 4000 bytes), linked graphics not allowed. Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. (Columbia, Maryland)

Provides free web page (one page of HTML code, at least 10 Kb, linked graphics are allowed). Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. (White Plains, Missouri)

Switchboard's My Corner
Provides free web page (one page generated by template system, e-mail service, personal address ( or, and e-mail forwarding. Enroll on the WWW. (Westboro, Massachusetts).

Joe's Cyber Post
Provides one free web page (one page of HTML code, linked graphics are allowed); use it or lose it policy. Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required.

Provides free web pages (NO limit, so they say), page counter and smtp/pop3 e-mail ( Enroll on the WWW. (Canada)

Provides free web pages (no limit specified) and e-mail account ( This service is generally for amatuer radio operators. Apply via WWW and get a directory and FTP account via e-mail; existing e-mail address required. (USA)

Phrantic's Trailerpark
Provides free web pages (3 Mb limit). Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. Check to see if they are opening a new phase (disk space). (Charlotte, North Carolina)

The number one provider of free web pages (3 Mb limit) and e-mail account (POP3 service only) and address ( plus counter and guestbook. Enroll on the WWW; existing e-mail address required. (Santa Monica, California). +ADS

Free Shell Account
Geocities, Tripod and Angelfire are some of the best known of the free hosts for your webpage. However, many free webpage hosts now require pop ads that are distracting and annoying. I would recommend finding a place that doesn't load annoying ads. Some features that are nice to have include: 10 mb or more of storage (although 5mb is probably enough), FTP capability, CGI capability and NO popup banner ads.