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Find every Elementary, middle and high school public, private, charter, virtual school nationwide that are regionally accredited. Also find State and regional education organizations.


This is Public Folklore Project built by the nation.

Gleason sent the information to his NetHappenings mailing list the oldest K-12 Mailing list that started in 1989.

The site you are on now that hosts the K12 Hot List of Schools site launched on July 9, 1998.

By 1993 Internet pioneer Gleason Sackmann started collecting the first school websites that came online, then Karen Ellis continued to host and collect the information given by the "folks" who submitted their school website - one at a time.

Before Gleason retired he asked me to keep this project going, and I was honored and happy to become the new Culture Keeper of Nations K-12 Education online activity!!

The site has retained users since 1993 by leaving them alone. We've been “doing good” with our consistent emphasis on neither inconveniencing nor exploiting Hot List users. That's the spirit of the original internet was to build something simple and useful for people making their own school's website and then get out of the way. For more than 20 years, The Hot List of Schools online has been getting out of its users' way, and they've responded by sticking with the site.

Our friend K-12 Internet Pioneer Gleason Sackmann was the person who thought to announce the very first U.S. school websites that went up on the net. We honor my friend's tradition and kept the directory of K-12 schools going.

August 14, 1996 Arbor Heights Elementary in Seattle, Washington was either the 9th or 10th elementary school with a web site in the world and started August 14, 1996