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The “first nonprofit, tuition-free online university.” New Tuition-Free 'University of the People' Tries to Democratize Higher Ed " The latest experiment in peer-to-peer education kicks off next month - a new institution where students will learn in virtual communities using free online materials and social networking tools. (1) But the venture, called University of the People, faces serious questions about accreditation and retention."


DE, Online Gateway (

DE, Academic Technologies for Learning (

DE, Community College Web (CC Web,

DE, CU Online Gateway(?Univ of Colorado at Denver, Only?,

DE, CU: Continuing Education Independent Study Programs (Colorado.EDU)

DE, Electronic University Network (Dr. Steve Eskow,

DE, Lifelong Learning Home Page: Adult Education & Distance Learner's Resource Center

DE, Open Learning Agency Website (

DE, Publications (By DVM at TAMU,

DE, TCEA's Home Page (

DE, The University of Delaware(Lots of DE Info,

DE, Thomas Edison State College Home Page (

DE, University of Colorado at Denver (,etc?,