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From a Tiny Hum came the Big Bang. Sound waves were the cosmic match that ignited the Big Bang that exploded the universe out of the primordial nothingness.

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John Broomall
John Broomall Executive Director
Pennsylvania Alliance For Arts Education

[P] 800-782-4289 or 610-564-0002

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If you are interested in Arts Education, Children's Health, and Society the National Children's Folksong Repository is a public folklore project will preserve what is left of our oral culture.
Children in the United States aren't singing the songs of their heritage, an omission that puts the nation in jeopardy of losing a longstanding and rich part of its identity. Use this site to donate your song or chant. Support the THE NCFR CAUSE
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Invite Friends to Donate Invite Your Friends

Allan Slutsky Grammy

Mr. Allan Slutsky Remarkd Believer a Believer

Standing In The Shadows of Motown Producer, Musician, Author, Grammy Winner
Carla Benson

Ms. Carla Benson NCFR Believer a Believer

Lead Vocalist Background Singer
Standing In The Shadows of Motown
Music Teacher

Karen Ellis

Ms. Karen Ellis NCFR Believer a Believer

Teacher Author, Publisher
Founder Educational CyberPlayGround
National Children's Folksong Repository
Standing In The Shadows of Motown

Dr. John Rickford

Dr. John Rickford NCFR Believer a Believer

Professor of Linguistics Stanford University

Dr. David Karen

Dr. David Karen NCFR Believer a Believer

Professor of Sociology
Bryn Mawr College

Retired Upper Merion School Board Member,
Montgomery, County PA

Upper Merion Area School District Inspiring Excellence - Royalty free Music

Jacqueline Smith

RIP Jacqueline Smith NCFR Believer a Believer

Retired Assistant Professor of Information Science
University of the Sciences Philadelphia, PA

ECP AWARDSmart e-Pants Award given for Donations of time and Skill

Completely Created by NCFR Volunteers

Press Release "Going To Kentucky"
Brimm Medical Arts High School *Students:
Dwaine Williams, Anthony Davis, Jonathan Santiago, Ashley Abel, Zakia Ashley, Latasha Gaylord, Yelitza Carrire, Marsha Tatum, Shaneka Wyles, Zakia Ashley, Desiree Gonzalez, Ashley Abe, Yelitza Carrire, Teaira Edwards, Latasha Gaylord, Anthony Davis, Quatonya Brittingham, Ashley Clark Song


The Chant is the Heart Beat of culture - a universal truth.

Funk Brothers - Standing In The Shadows Of Motown

Folk Music - The Big Picture and Overview

Origins of Folk Music - meet Dr. Alan Jabbour

Origins and History Of Nursery Rhymes

Meet Allan Lomax says [". . .Rhymes that have been rubbed clean and hard against the bone of life, whose stories are rooted in an eternity of time."][ ". . . Jingles, riddles, silly ballads, wistful lullabies, jiggy tunes and game songs"] belong to the children of America and reflect a composite character of the common people residing in the United States.

Integrate Folklore, Music, & Traditional Culture Into K-12 Education

Music Makes You Smarter

Instinct For Play - Play and Intelligence

John Rickford - Learn about Rhythm Syllables and the connection between rhythm and literacy.

Literacy & Language Research

Literacy and the rhythmic structure of human speech communication, speech and music connection and Interdisciplinary Social Rhythm Researchers.

" Knowledge is limited. Imagination is more important than knowledge. I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination encircles the world." ~ EINSTEIN