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What are the benefits for participants in this project?
It's still about the playground but it's about the best playground of all because there are no walls. Cyberspace allows this repository to be uniquely accessible by everyone from everywhere and serves the public good by nurturing the expression of human creativity, supporting the cultivation of community spirit, and fostering the recognition and appreciation of the excellence and diversity of the nation's artistic accomplishments. Let's recognize the nation's anonymous culture makers - our own children.

The computer, mp3 player, or any hand held recording machine can be a voice for the voiceless, for the millions in the world who have no access to the main channels of communication, and whose cultures are being unheard, unvalued, talked over by all sorts noise drowned out into silence by our culture of commerce. This is an opportunity for anyone with a library or a phone to use sound technology to record their songs and chants in the present and from times gone by. Don't let your culture fade away, you must help collect it.

The Arts Education Partnership is a private, nonprofit coalition of more than 100 national education, arts, business, philanthropic and government organizations that demonstrate and promote the essential role of arts education in enabling all students to succeed in school, life and work. The Partnership was formed in 1995 through a cooperative agreement between the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the U. S. Department of Education, the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).

If you enjoy what you find here and can help with a contribution, that support will help insure our continuance.

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