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The decline of play in preschoolers — and the rise in sensory issues - How Schools Ruined Recess

43. Liza Jane (O Eliza, li'l Liza Jane, O Eliza, li'l Liza Jane) Abby the Spoon Lady is the expert. Meet Abby the Spoon Lady. She is one of only a handful of spoon players in the world. She is working on keeping the art of spoon playing alive.


Handpose: Fully Articulated Hand Tracking real-time articulated hand tracker which can enable new possibilities for human-computer interaction (HCI).


The big picture is transdisciplinarity. It includes understanding that teaching kids to read depends on what the teacher knows about Linguistics, Music, Gestures, Rhythm, Pitch, and the evolution of brain development.

Physicality - Gestures
READING AND RHYMING GAMES are good. The better infants are at distinguishing the different parts of words, the better they will be later using more complex language, researchers say.

Language evolves and changes with children, and gesture is an integral part of language. Some researchers have speculated that language evolved first in the form of a system of gestures, with sound taking over only later as the preferred channel of communication.

How do babies begin to acquire language?
Humans still Gesture all the time , the nongramatical expressive movements we all make [shrugging shoulders, waving good-bye, brandishing a fist. Hands are the beginnings of language.

Differences Discovered Based On Social Economic Status
Early Child Gesture Show Important Link To School Preparedness Children who convey more meanings with gestures at age 14 months have much larger vocabularies at 54 months than children who convey fewer meanings and are accordingly better prepared for school, according to research at the University of Chicago published in the journal Science on Friday, Feb. 13.

Dr. Condon - They make films of people interacting and then do a frame-by-frame analysis of body motions and speech sounds. They have discovered two kinds of synchrony, self synchrony and interactional synchrony. Self synchrony is the relationship between a person¹s speech patterns and their body movements: head, shoulders, arm and hand gestures, and so on. Interactional synchrony is about the relationship between the listener¹s body and the speaker¹s voice.
It is not particularly surprising that self synchrony exists. After all, the same nervous system is doing both the speaking and the gesturing, and the cortical structures for speech and manipulation are close to one another. But Condon found a close synchrony between speakers and listeners as well.

The earliest Western notation for chant appears in the 9th century. These early staffless neumes, called cheironomic or in campo aperto, appeared as freeform wavy lines above the text. Various scholars see these as deriving from cheironomic hand-gestures, from the ekphonetic notation of Byzantine chant, or from punctuation or accent marks.

In humans, the analogue to the chimp's play face is a child's smile, an open expression that indicates there is no real anger involved even in gestures that can look like a fight.

Explore the underwater origins of vocal communication, as well as whether fish were the first animals to evolve some common non-vocal gestures. See a slide show of bonobo gestures and facial expressions, and find out what they mean.

Speech and Song: Explore the underwater origins of vocal communication.

Monkey Lip Smacks Interspecies Language Evolution From Whistling to Speech. Other species that communicate with each other use clicks, whistles, song and gestures.
Provide New Insights Into the Evolution of Human Speech. Research published in Current Biology by W. Tecumseh Fitch, Head of the Department of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna, supports the idea that human speech evolved less from vocalizations than from communicative facial gestures.

Let's Get the Rhythm 2014 | 53 min
Discover the power of Miss Mary Mack! Let's Get the Rhythm invites the viewer to explore the history of hand-clapping games on playgrounds around the world. Through wars and migrations, across language barriers and oceans, young girls connect with each other through thousands of variants—ancient as they are global. The film chronicles these rhythmic and recreational practices. Guided by three eight-year-olds from diverse cultural backgrounds in the New York area, it is a charming and beautiful survey with universal insight into the budding social mind.
We are often so busy with the details of living that we forget to look inside. Let's Get the Rhythm focuses on girls' handclapping games to awaken awareness of the rhythmic designs that influence our lives. The legacy of the past is interwoven with our experience of the present. Childhood rituals provide a foundation for cooperation, collaboration and friendship. Even something as simple as handclapping games can give us strength and help us honor the beauty of being present, and provide us with the courage to continue with a positive attitude." - Irene Chagall and Steve Zeitlin



5/9/14 Gestures research suggests language instinct in young children

60's Soul Music Is All About Human Syncrony -Oral & Aural Tradition is the Heartbeat of Culture EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE & CULTURE Consider William Condon's observation of conversational synchrony, that motions and gestures of listeners are closely synchronized with the rhythms of a speakers voice. The body is wired for perfect time.

Speech Recognition: Consider William Condon's observation of conversational synchrony, that motions and gestures of listeners are closely synchronized with the rhythms of a speakers voice.
What's the value of such synchronization?

Howard Bloom: To function it tunes into such things as the hpa (hypothalamic/pituitary axis) which plugs it in to the adrenal cortex down in the lower back and to the gonads, even lower in most of us. The brain also plugs in to the vagal nervous system, whose center is also well below the ribcage, to the oxytocinergic system, distributed throughout the body, and is influenced by such networks as the clocks located virtually everywhere within us and the proprioceptive centers all over the body, those receptors which tell us what position our face is in (facial expression influences mood and vice versa), what sort of gestures our fingers our making, what innner and outer cues our postural muscles are giving off, etc.

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The Gestures of the Body must be Suited to the discourse you are upon.

Hand and Speech - Explains How gestures, hand clapping and hooting led to social bonding

"Impact of Hand-clapping Songs on Cognitive and Motor Tasks"


- Izzle is actually recognized as a form of can't and, according to Wikipedia, its origins are much less “gangsta” than one might suspect. It was partially developed by young African American girls playing jump rope.

"Willie and the Hand Jive"

Johnny Otis performs his monster hit "Willie and the Hand Jive" on his TV show. Late fifties? with Marie Adams, the Three Tons of Joy, and Lionel Hampton.


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