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Template includes things such as: date, title of lesson, essential question, topic or concept taught, state objectives, materials needed, preview vocabulary, vocabulary, lesson procedure, summation, assessment, reflection (for teacher).

Learning Focused: How To Plan A Lesson or unit
1. What is the essential question?
2. What is the answer to the essential question?
3. What graphic organizer will I use?
4. How will the kids get this information? (And how do you put it in the lesson?) Ex: video clips, class discussion, lecture, notes, experiment.
5. How will the graphic organizer be completed?
6. How am I going to use the graphic organizer?
7. What is my activator? (Linking material to prior knowlege --- website, film, video, previewing vocab., seeing the big picture, introducing something new, etc.)
8. How will I have the students summarize at the end?
9. How will I assess learning? (Could be anything from test to oral review.)

I also fill out a graphic organizer for myself before I start planning.

Across the top is written: Know // Understand // Do

In other words, what do I want my students to "Know" at the end of the lesson/unit. What do I want them to "Understand" at the end (this connects to my essential questions.) What am I going to have them "Do" during the lesson?
I brainstorm using this graphic organizer. After much crossing out and adding to....I have a rough idea of my lesson/unit. I then begin planning.
One thing that I've come to appreciate is that your lesson is not limited to one class period. Your lesson could extend over 2 or 3 or more days.
When I write my lessons, I make sure I leave a space at the end to include my "reflections" or "changes for next year." I keep all my lessons in a big binder. Behind the lesson, I keep all of the handouts, background material,
etc. Over the summer, I refine them for the next year. (Or, I simply toss some out because they didn't work.)

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