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Candle for September 11 2001



THE REAL STORY about chemical, biological, or nuclear warfare and weapons. The best antidote of all is education and level-headedness. Remember, terrorists can't win if we aren't terrified. I am a retired military weapons, munitions, and training expert and decided to write a paper to keep things in their proper perspective., a federal Web site that gives tips on what to do in case of a terrorist attack.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SARS
The new guidelines for schools issued about students who develop a fever or respiratory symptoms within 10 days of exposure to someone with SARS should stay home from school, but they can return if symptoms ease within three days. Exposed students without symptoms can attend school but should be closely observed.


Big oil interests - Exxon-Chevron, and their corporate allies - who once enjoyed a near-monopoly on Arabian oil due to a special and long-standing arrangement with the House of Sau
The deal reunites the two biggest chunks of the old Standard Oil monopoly of John D Rockefeller dismantled by the US Government 90 years ago. Mobil was then Standard Oil of New York, Exxon Standard Oil of New Jersey.

BUY ONLY FROM Companies that do NOT import Middle Eastern oil:
Citgo....................0 barrels
Sunoco............. ..0 barrels
Conoco............. ..0 barrels
Sinclair............... 0 barrels
BP/Phillips.......... 0 barrels
Hess...................0 barrels


America's founding documents, important writings from the past, and modern assessments of the state of liberty.


Losing Astronauts
Cost of Freedom - the Columbia Accident and dealing with tragedy

Online K - 12 Curricula - Black History Month All Year Long
Online Project: Be an abolitionist, become an activist, support the antislavery movement. In the last few years, the issue of child soldiers has gained increased attention and growing international action. Today, experts estimate that there are over 300,000 children participating in conflicts around the globe. All areas of the world are affected by the use of children as soldiers.The Middle East and North Africa are not immune from this phenomenon. In recent decades children have been used in large numbers during the civil war in Lebanon and the Iran-Iraq war.
Participate in a Folklore Project to document the country's reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.


Class Projects - Analysis of Explosive Residues and other Bombing Evidence
Forensic science education at the high school level (main site)


Patriotic Songs Every U.S. Child should learn and know. MUSIC Islamic and Middle Eastern Music and Dance
This detailed exploration of the music of the Middle East explores the differences between modern western music and classical Arabic music, views of music in relation to Islam, musical instruments, folk music and dance, Sufi dance and music, belly dancing, and related topics. Includes many related links (some broken). From a teacher at Horace Mann Middle School in San Francisco.


Folklore September 11th Digital Archive

Beyond 911
Features the creative works of twenty-one Iowa visual artists, writers, and musicians expressing their feelings about the September terrorism or aftermath. Find in-depth interviews with the artists about their background, creative work, and the experience of September 11 and aftermath. Brief clips from the interviews (audio and text) also are included on the site .Visitors to the site are encouraged to join the conversation by submitting e-mail feedback in response to the featured work and statements; visitor comments will be posted on the web site.

A folk artist's interpretation of 9-11 a Navajo interpretation of September's tragic events. Lorraine Black, is one of the Navajo Nation's basket weavers, located in transferred her feelings into her art. Through her cultural stories she has portrayed a complex and unusually sensitive situation and created an exceptionally moving piece of history. Take a look at this magnificent basket of Lorraine Black. Lorraine is the daughter of Mary Holiday Black, National Heritage Award winner. To interpret this wonderful period piece you must begin in the center. Coyote is portrayed here as having swallowed Horned Toad. Coyote coveted what Horned Toad had created through hard work and sacrifice: a fine home and bountiful crops, which he had created from barren forlorn surroundings. Coyote, a chaotic figure, in his greed and jealousy, tried to assimilate what Horned Toad had built, by simple elimination. But swallowing Horned Toad caused great harm to our uneducated cousin and, in the end, his demise. <snip>

Collection of Internet Folk Art -

A Totem Pole to Heal a Nation - Jewell Praying Wolf James, his brother and his team of carvers have built the 13 foot tall totem pole, carved from a 140-year-old red cedar tree, to honor the children who lost family in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and help bring healing to the tragedy. The pole eventually will be placed about an hour north of the World Trade Center site in Sterling Forest's Arrow Park in the Hudson River Valley. Picture

Ground Zero Quilt - This 89 inch square quilt was conceived in the days following the events of September 11, 2001. The center of the quilt was composed using pictures, printed on fabric, of people who perished at the site of the World Trade Center.


Understanding the Language
The Koran was written in 7th Century Arabic and has never been allowed to be translated into the modern day language that the people speak now. There has never been a "reformation" bible translation that brought people out of the "dark ages" like there was in Christianity. The language situation of Arabic is alien to any English speaker since it is as if Chaucer English was the language of all writing and professional talk (academic lecturers, TV news) and modern English was confined to normal everyday chit chat. Those learning Arabic in the West in fact learn two languages as Andrew T. Freeman pointed out:
'anybody wishing to travel to the Arabic speaking world who only knows Standard Arabic is certainly not ready for the Arabic that he or she will hear there. In fact "for most students, it is quite a shock to realize how far it really is from the spoken forms of the Arabic language" 9. So to really function in Arabic the student needs to learn both Standard Arabic and at least one of the dialects.
There are roughly four major dialect groupings of modern spoken Arabic:
1. the Gulf and Arabian peninsula dialect group spoken roughly in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Yemen.
2. the Levantine dialect spoken in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.
3. the Egyptian dialects spoken in Egypt, the Sudan and Libya.
4. the Maghrebi dialect group spoken in Algeria, Mauretania, Morocco and Tunis'
Also read by Terri DeYoung
'An Arabic speaker will learn her/his own regional colloquial language (Egyptian, Moroccan, Levantine Arabic] .... But our hypothetical Arabic speaker will also, if s/he goes to school and wishes to be considered educated, have to learn (in school, as a learned language) Modern Standard Arabic, or (to use the Arabic term) fusha, which is grammatically virtually identical with the Arabic of the Qur'an . This "superposed" variety is considered to be the only "true" form of Arabic, and it is almost exclusively the vehicle of written communication. In Arabic, .. there is a strong prestige value attached to the superposed variety of the language--in the Arabic case, the fusha.
[..."literature"--in the sense of imaginative productions of the human intelligence, meant to entertain and instruct other human beings--does exist in the colloquial, but that the prejudice against the colloquial in the collective perceptions of the speech community, means that this literature is considered less valuable than written literature in fusha. Thus, there is (and probably has always been) Arabic poetry
composed in both fusha and colloquial, but only the poetry composed in fusha has been traditionally considered "literary" and worthy of preservation in and for itself.']

Classical Arabic is inherently context dependent This is a particularly good web page on the complex status of the various 'Arabics' and Arabic society. The Classical language that was used for the Qur'an was a special form of the language common to all of the tribes that existed in the Arabian peninsula at the time of the prophet that had previously only been used in the traditional poetry. The age of this form is not known, but it was a conglomeration that had existed for some time and was not representative of any single dialect or any one era.

The Historic Role of the Afghan Flag

HISTORY and the Eerie parallels to this time of New-Age anxiety...
Cold War Civil Defense Museum... This virtual museum features the U.S. Dept. of Defense, Office of Civil Defense Community Fallout Shelter Program, Radiological Monitoring Program, and Public Training Programs of the 1950s and 1960s Cold War era. Museum Sections include Shelters Tour Page, Civil Defense Art Gallery, Fallout Shelter Supplies, Civil Defense Radio Spots, Civil Defense History Section, FEMA Region VI Center Tour, Civil Defense Emergency Hospital, and Army Corps of Engineers Shelter Photos.