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Since your time is precious, and your money is precious and since there is so much competition for your attention, just what in the world is so compelling about this resource that you should pay for it? Especially when you can get all you can eat for free at the internet buffet?

We show the Big Picture.

Education is compartmentalized, and social studies which should be able to - doesn't deliver the big picture. We use the net to interrupt the state sactioned text books who have bought the right to have publishers print the myths that they want to you to believe but do not really explain what happened. We interrupt the education text book industry supply chain - but more about that later . . . 


Pedantic Scholarship and Myth Making.

Story telling is like a game of chess. We have an interdisciplinary style so that in the end you'll know the big picture. This online curriculum will explain all the moves made by all the players - - not just those pieces of information that the government has paid publishers to print, but the hard facts of history made by documented known and unknown culture makers who have been censored by the corporate and government sanctioned myth makers.

Example of Pedantic
Professor [whoever's ] lectures were so pedantic that his students sometimes had a tough time understanding the big picture. It is important to understand pedantic terminology before we begin . . .


PEDANTIC -- pe·dan·tic adj.

  1. Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: a pedantic attention to details.
  2. emphasizing minutiae or form in scholarship or teaching; strict; meticulous
  • Synonyms: pedantic, academic, bookish, donnish, scholastic -- These adjectives mean:
  1. marked by a narrow, often tiresome focus on or display of learning and especially its trivial aspects:
  2. a pedantic writing style
  3. an academic insistence on precision;
  4. a bookish vocabulary;
  5. donnish refinement of speech;
  6. scholastic and excessively subtle reasoning.

SCHOLASTIC scho·las·tic adj.

  1. Of or relating to schools; academic.
  2. often Scholastic Of, relating to, or characteristic of Scholasticism.
  3. Adhering rigidly to scholarly methods; pedantic. See Synonyms at pedantic.
  4. NOUN often Scholastic A Scholastic philosopher or theologian.
  5. A dogmatist; a pedant.
    Pedant Etymology: Middle French, from Italian pedante
    1 obsolete: a male schoolteacher
    2: one who makes a show of knowledge
    2 b: one who is unimaginative or who unduly emphasizes minutiae in the presentation or use of knowledge
    2 c: a formalist or precisionist in teaching

Teachers are sometimes labeled "pedagogues" if they're pedantic -- that is, overly strict, close-minded, and self-important. And the word "pedagogue" comes from Greek Antiquity, where it referred to the slave who led his master's children to school.


"It should be the chief aim of a university professor to exhibit himself in his own true character -- that is, as an ignorant man thinking, actively utilizing his small share of knowledge." -- Alfred North Whitehead

A "pedagogue" -- at bottom -- is simply an "educator."

  • to lead, guide;
  1. (Gr. Antiq.) A slave who led his master's children to school, and had the charge of them generally.
  2. A teacher of children; one whose occupation is to teach the young; a schoolmaster.
  3. One who by teaching has become formal, positive, or pedantic in his ways; one who has the manner of a schoolmaster; a pedant. --Goldsmith.

DIDACTIC adjective

  1. intended to educate or instruct, esp. in moral values:
  2. showing or having a tendency to teach, preach, or moralize.
  • Similar Words: instructional {instruction}, educational, moralistic {moralist}, preceptorial {preceptor}, prescriptive
    Example: a didactic folk tale.


  1. something that is advocated or taught; teaching.
  2. a belief or system of beliefs held and advocated by a religious, governmental, academic, or other group; dogma:
  • Synonyms: teaching (3), tenet, belief (3) Similar Words: principle, axiom, dogma, precept


  • Follow a knowledge in motion, a knowledge which progresses by moving back from the parts to the whole and from the whole to the parts
  • Transcultural synthesis of apparently different disciplines, cultural decolonization.

Black History Month All Year Long offers you a Direct Experience, we expose the myth making in censored state sanctioned text books found in the classroom written by pedantic scholars and academics, who are part of the education industry supply chain that censors information and access.

This is the power of the internet.


" I found this information to be extremely helpful for activities for black history."

-- Kathy Mancillas

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