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Mr. Universe Alq'

Mr. Universe Alq'
Mr. Universe AlQ'

Hey Everybody,

"Sports and athletics have been a very special part of my life for as long as l can remember. Whether it was throwing, running or jumping...any activity that was athletic or competitive l was into it. lt brought out the best in me. However, the key to making it all work was & is having balance...being well-rounded and the center of it all is education.

My education is the key that literally opened the world and for that matter the Universe title for me. Every subject from history to language to math to science and so on have played an integral role in forming and building the person that l am today.

l've used all of my education in every aspect of what l do. From training in the gym to traveling around the world, l've drawn on virtually everything l've learned to make things happen.

ln sports, a good coach or trainer are invaluable assets, they correct & fine tune your when you hit the field or stage, you're R-I-G-H-T !! The same is true for your teachers for without them, where would we be? So stay in school, fine tune your game & watch the world and for that matter the UNIVERSE unfold for you !"

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