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Jason Blume -- Most Excellent Writer, Lyricist, Musician personal message to children

Jason Blume

JASON BLUME and Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys

Jason Blume

Britney Spears

Jason's Message so Listen Up

Song Writing Tips by Jason Blume - You can write hit songs.


"I started clarinet lessons in elementary school.

Back in third grade I could never have imagined how this introduction to music would impact my entire life. As the years went on, music became important in so many areas of my life. I joined my school choir, marching band, concert band, and orchestra. I found many of my closest friends through these activities and involvement in the music program probably led to the most fun I had throughout my school years. However, I could never had imagined that the foundation that those lessons gave me would someday lead to a career that often feels as if I'm dreaming.

So many of the things that I learned in school that I thought would have no relevance in my life have turned out to be skills that are crucial to my career. Of course, learning how to play an instrument, read music, and appreciate all types of music led to my being able to be in pop and rock bands and eventually writing songs that would be recorded by artists including the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. But the skills I learned in English classes were also important because to conduct business as a professional I need to be able to compose letters and other types of correspondence as well as song lyrics.

I couldn't do it without using my computer. I learned those skills in school as well. I never could have imagined why I would need math to learn how to be a songwriter but it sure helps when I'm keeping track of my money.

The bottom line is that for me getting a good education in music as well as other disciplines led to a wonderful job and lots of success for me.

I hope you'll choose that path too."


Jason Blume

Do You Know What Songs Jason Blume has Written?

Backstreet Boys "Back to Your Heart"
Cowritten with Kevin Richardson and Gary Baker on the "Millennium" album (Billboard's Album of the Year)

Britney Spears "I'll Never Stop Loving You"

On the "Positive Interference" album available in the US exclusively at Target; Available outside the US on the "Britney Spears" album.)

"Dear Diary" Cowritten with Britney Spears and Eugene Wilde

"Over the Edge"Solid HarmoniE

"That's What You Get" Boyz n Girlz United

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