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The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network is a non-profit, community-based group of volunteers who measure and report precipitation.

@ai6yrham The personal account of Ham radio operator AI6YR (Ben). This account is mostly active during major weather disasters.




11/20/17 Whitefish Halts Puerto Rico Work Early Over $83 Million Billion
The work stoppage is the latest blow in efforts to restore power to the island, which lost 80 percent of its electric grid after twin hurricanes in September. Within the last week Ricardo Ramos, Prepa’s executive director, resigned after facing criticisms in Congress over the Whitefish contract. And four Florida utilities with hundreds of workers that have been hired as subcontractors by Whitefish plan to leave the island in the coming days, said Whitefish spokesman Ken Luce. Also on Monday, the Army Corps of Engineers said it temporarily halted a contract with Fluor Corp., which was also working to restore power, over safety concerns. The corps said the company could restart work on Tuesday. Less than 47 percent of the island’s power capacity is back up now. A Nov. 19 letter from Whitefish to the bankrupt utility, which was obtained by Bloomberg News, demands payment for work it has performed -- and also more than $39 million "for anticipated demobilization costs."

11/13/17 Puerto Rico Utility Admits Error as Senators Blast Price-Gouging
Island needed contractors that could provide housing, food Half of island without power nearly two months after Maria. Ricardo Ramos, the executive director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, faced questions in Congress about the utility’s sole-source contract for $300 million with Whitefish Energy Holdings, about rates Whitefish charged for its work, and why the utility didn’t tap mutual aid from utilities on the mainland instead.


Dr Brenda Fitzgerald‏ @CDCDirector Nov 20 CDC is working closely w. @HHSGov, @fema, & other federal partners in helping the people of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands recover from recent storms. I am grateful to the hundreds of @CDCgov employees dedicated to this effort.

GovernmentHouse USVI @govhouseusvi U. S. Virgin Islands. Follow for announcements, information, and historical facts about USVI.

@FEMARegion2 FEMA Region 2 Serves New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. For emergencies, call your local fire/EMS/police or 9-1-1

FEMA Approves Permanent Housing Construction for U.S. Virgin Islands. Read more here:

TIM DUNCAN To my friends, family and all U.S. Virgin Islanders: I’m not giving up on you

Duncan USVI Relief Let's not forget about the Virgin Islands. I know not everyone can give, but I promise every dollar will go directly to relief efforts. Thank you, truly. -Tim

21 US Virgin Island Relief Fund San Antonio, TX Organizer: Tim Duncan

Can @ElonMusk and @govhouseusvi work together to rebuild the electrical system w/ independent solar and battery power? #21USVIDuncanRelief

#USVIStrong Who needs the triangle offense when you have the triangle distribution. The 21USVI Bad New Bears brought Thanksgiving to more than 10,000 this weekend. Best compliment: "You guys are known throughout the islands as the fastest and most well organized distributions." @safoodbank

Feeding over 5500 people today in St.Croix…sharing all the makings for a great Thanksgiving Dinner!

589 Vessels Were Impacted By Hurricanes Irma And Maria In USVI, EPA Says

News Feeds


USVirginIslands News‏ @USVInews

(designed for kids, but check for appropriateness in your setting)


from CNN – Student News:

from MSNBC – Pencil News:

Resources for Teachers and Others Who Help Children Cope with Disaster:





Helping children deal with natural disasters:

Children's Literature on Natural Disasters:

Red Cross:

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

University of Florida:

from the National Tramatic Child Stress Network:

Mr. Rogers (help for talkign about the news with young children):

Helping People with "Bystanders' Syndrome" (feeling helplessness in the face of disaster):

Background and Information on Hurricanes – for Adults First



How Stuff Works - Hurricanes (for adult use - many ads, but great, understandable information)

From NOAA - National Hurricane Center (includes warnings, maps and images)

Collection of News sources on current disaster:

Images from Satellites of Hurricanes (and more)

Virtual Reality Hurricane "tours":

Simulations, Information and more:

List of Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) Names 2005 - 2010

A compendium of sites - for adults:


Background and Information on Hurricanes – for Children


Basic Hurricane Information (for kids 7 and up)

Miami Museum of Science - includes child-appropriate first person stories of surviving hurricanes:

Canadian Hurricane Center (some here is great for younger students):

National Geographic Hurricanes for Kids:


For Youngest Learners:



Zero to Three (about coping in general - from 9/11):

From Enchanted Learning - some basic information:

From the Miami Museum of Science - many resources, but I particularly liked the quilt where people can share their survival stories:

Teaching Ideas:



Students can make online weather journals - perhaps with real weather, or as it might be before, during, and after a hurricane:

Lesson Planning Ideas:

Use media sources to have students create a presentation, news program or other product about hurricanes: (movies of satellite images)