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Funk Brothers Standing in the Shadows of Motown Showtime Schedule

This acclaimed documentary charts the not-so-secret history of the Funk Brothers, an ensemble culled from the best of Detroit's jazz and blues scene by producer Berry Gordy in 1959 to back up the singers of his then-fledgling Motown label. Though largely forgotten in later years, theirs was a 14-year run of legendary songs unrivaled in the annals of popular music, creating more number-one hits than the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley combined. A treasure trove of the era's best sounds.

2013 Awarded their Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Uriel Jones
Joe Hunter and Richard Allen
Bob Babbitt, John Griffith, Eddie Willis
Joe Messina and Jack Ashford

Paul McCartney and The Funk Brothers
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  • CARLA BENSON, High School Music Teacher and Educational CyberPlayGround Ringleader a former backup singer for Philadelphia International, called for two Supremes from the audience to flesh out the choreography on "Stop in the Name of Love" was featured in many of the songs, and she could not only belt 'em but was also charming and fun.
  • Moore Theatre Review 12/8/03 Funk Brothers Show Really Sizzles From The Get-Go -


Jay Leno Review

By Steve Litos ( on Monday, January 05, 2004 - 01:51 pm:

[. . . Jay Leno introduces the band and says that "We have an amazing group of musicians with us tonight. They will be presented with the lifetime grammy next month. They are the studio band behind Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes...everybody. (At this moment Jay starts to smile either due to the sounds of the Funk Guitars warming up or that the director is saying that WE ONLY HAVE 3 MINUTES LET IN THE SHOW) They played on more #1 hits that The Beatles, Elvis, The Beach Boys combined. The Funk Brothers."

With the headphones on you can hear & feel the power of the music. Levert is clapping his hands & stopping his feet. He yells, "You all know this one! C'mon people in the back. Here we go!"
It sounds just like Motown should! The vocals start & Eddie looks to his left to Joe as if to say "It's On!" The camera flashes on Uriel and he does a fill on the snare & he rocks his read to the left & right. Babbitt stands up a bit as the camera cuts to his fingers for the first breathtaking bass break. Yeah Babbitt! Joe Messina lets out a sly smile as he looks over at Gerald Levert singing his ass off & shaking his right leg like James Brown. The camera does a close up of Gerald's face & you can see Allan Slutsky (The world's biggest Motown fan) with eyes closed channeling the spirt of Robert White. He's rocking his head back & forth & you can tell that the sounds in that room are the sounds of collective thunder. Meanwhile Jack is pounding the tamborine into submission! Jack looks a bit different. I got it! Jack - Where on earth are your glasses? It's your trademark! The camera cuts to stage right & Joe Hunter is sitting behind a real Hammond Organ. He's rocking around with a big grin on his face lifting his hands & striking the keys with authority. Levert is really riding the wave of the music & working the crowd! Oh...the song just ended. Lot's of cheering going on! Jay says,"The Funk Brothers! The Best!" and walks over to Gerald & says "Thank You Gentlemen." He & Gerald hug. Bill Mahr & Mandy Moore walk to the stage. She's clapping & lets out a "Wooo!" and turns around to look at the band.



Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003
Loved the NY show. ~ David Polakoff, HBO


To whom it may concern,

My name is Sarah O'Grady and I am a high school student in Toronto, Canada. Over the holidays, my family and I saw "Standing in the Shadow of Motown", and we all loved it. I've always enjoyed motown music, and am so glad that the Funk Brothers are gaining their due recognition. In fact I was so inspired by their story that i'm doing my senior music research unit on the Funk Brothers.

Sarah O'Grady


Just wanted to say thank you! for the great performance at the ohio theatre in cleveland, ohio on 4/16/03. It was nothing less than genius! it's amazing that you can sound just as you did when you were recording for motown!

I love all the artists in the band, the one that get's me is the way Jack play's the tambourine! every since i was a child I alway's wanted to know who that person was and finally tonight I got to meet him. It was the greatest experience that I have ever had, and to shake his and all the other band mates hands was the greatest life time experience! The members are so classy that no other band could grace the stage with such an "aura!". Thank you again for years of memories that can never fade. And most of all thank you Jack for your tambourine playing that reaches my inner soul! There is no musician that I can remember that has ever done that! When i hear your music I am transfered back to my childhood and all the wonderful memories that Ihave had.

So thank you again Funk brothers for being who you are!

Sincerely yours,
Tony Hatcher in Cleveland, Ohio


EUROPE - 2004
Featuring Stevie Winwood and Billy Preston
Jan 29 Manchester England @ Apollo Theater
Jan 30 London England @ Royal Festival Hall
Feb 1 Berlin Germany @ Tempodrom
Telephone service: ++49 (0) 30 695 33 885
Feb 2 Bonn, Germany @ Brukenforum
Feb 3 Amsterdam Holland @ Paradiso
Feb 5 Hamburg, Germany @ CCH3 or Her
Sat July 3 - Toronto, ON The Kool Haus
Sun July 4 - Montreal, PQ The Montreal Jazz Festival

US TOUR 2004
January 2nd Jay Leno - Read the Review
January 17th - Philly, PA Keswick Theater
January 18th - New York, NY @ B.B. Kings (2 shows the same night)
B.B. King Blues Club & Grill 237 West 42 St (212) 997-4144
January 19th - Alexandria, VA (Wash, DC) @ The Birchmere

January 20th - Annapolis, MD @ The Rams Head
January 22nd - Harrisburg @ Whitaker Center
January 24th - Boston, MA @ The Berklee Performance Center

January 26th - Philly, PA Prince Theater 215-893-1570
Sat July 10 - Wasaga Beach, ON Wasaga Beach Blues Festival
Sun July 11 - Ottawa, ON Ottawa Blues Festival

US TOUR 2003
December 5th - Seattle, WA @ Moore Theatre
December 6th - Seattle, WA Private Event
December 7th - New York, NY Private Event
December 26th - Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
December 27th - San Diego, CA @ Belly Up
December 29th - Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
December 31th - Oakland, CA @ Oakland Arena New Years Eve with the Grateful Dead and the Funk Brothers