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Mr. Universe Alq'
Mr. Universe Alq'

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"Excellent Resource People"

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Meet noted star in the world of bodybuilding Alq' P. Gurley (al-Cue gur-LAY). Born in Cape Cod, MA and raised in Philly, PA. Alumnus Central High School.

Alq' won many awards before winning the Mr. Universe Title in International competition held in Malaysia, Light Heavyweight Division. Alq' has also been awarded the Men's National Overall Champion title by the National Physique Committee (NPC) which made him the second amateur in history to simultaneously hold these two honors. He has also been a top finalist in the Mr. Olympia competition. There really isn't too much that Alq' hasn't won. :-)

Because he is considered an expert in the field of fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, and health related topics Alq's career has also taken him to the movies, appearing in Batman III and City Hall, both in 1995.

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