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Going To Kentucky

Hear the Children's Song Going to Kentucky, Going to the Fair with Standing In the Shadows of Motown lead vocalist, singer and teacher Ms. Carla Benson.

Watch the Students In the Video

Submitted 11/23/03 by Students:
Ashley Clark, Christina Rodriquez, Quatonya Brittingham, Ashley Abel, Desiree Gonzalez, Marshada Tatum, Latasha Gaylord, Shaneka Wyles, and Yelitza Carrire


I was going to Kentucky,
I was going to the fair.
I met a senorita,
with flowers in her hair.

Oh, shake it, mama shake it.
Shake it all you can.
Shake it like a milkshake,
shake it all you can
Oh, rub to the bottom,
rub it to the top.
And turn around and turn around
until you make a stop!
Oh Y - O - U

All stand in a circle around one person.
Those in the circle join hands and walk in time to the music for the first two lines of the song.
The person in the middle dances until the line "And turn around....."
During the last two lines of the song, the person in the middle covers eyes and turns around with a pointed finger at arm's length.
On the last word "Stop!", the person in the middle stops. The person pointed to is “It”, and takes their place in the center of the circle.