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The Future Design of the K12 Department of Education

What do You Want the Future of Education to be in our lives?

We need a Strong, Simple, Engaging, Human Message.

The Design of the K12 Department of Education has to be a reflection of the emotional energy you want to see in it.

The Department Design needs to reflect the emotional authenticity of the product. It should be what it is.

It isn't about the next new now flavor marketed in every decade to make money for all the business crony's that pay to play. We need transparency, we need to follow the money. We don't want k12 education to be about making corporations rich at the expense of actually and authentically educating the citizens of America.

The People's Story: Is your K12 Education an avatar?

I show myself to the world through this diploma. When the tax payer buys the education, there is an audience. The "real" audience is really ourselves. You are concerned about what others think about you. It is the story you tell yourself about yourself.

K12 Industrial Model Design Problem

Why is the Department of Education Industry Model allowed to exist?

How can the K12 Department of Education Industrial Model honor individual character traits with current K12 curriculum products built by an Educrats / Industrialists. Their design is about mass production using industry to produce serialized goods.

The famous philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote in 1897:

Every teacher should realize he is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of the proper social order and the securing of the right social growth.

In his 1905 dissertation for Columbia Teachers College, Elwood Cubberly the future Dean of Education at Stanford wrote that schools should be factories "in which raw products, children, are to be shaped and formed into finished products . . . manufactured like nails, and the specifications for manufacturing will come from government and industry."

We live in the 3rd Technological Revolution and need a Department of Education that is designed for the digital age. See the DIY 3D Printer movement.

Teachers, Parents, and Students have no power. They are pawns who get pushed around by the Department of Education.

GOOD Designers
are artists

Designers are artists who work to understand the process and stimulate peoples minds.

Good Design needs to be plugged into natural human behavior
[ interdisciplinary curriculum ]

Education can be a product, it can be an object.

A Designer asks: What do People Need? They are looking for an empathic connection and creative response.


Department of Education: Spends tax payer money on friends of politicians, and corporations who finance politicians.

Excellent Designers should be the reference point for policy makers, used to help explain the reality of what people experience. They are the intellectuals of the future.

  • I want Artists / Designers to generate the culture of K12 Education. They should become the fundamental link support in any policy making effort.
  • K12 Education should be designed to explore ideas, question choices and understand the consequences of choices made.
  • DESIGN is responsible for environment around us and how we function inside it. We pay for the education product and imagine how it impacts our lives.

Department of Education REDESIGN


The Dept of Education is by default an antiquated industrial design based on the aguarian farm model, where the official choices are boring [think Foxconn].

Innovation Emerges Out Of Groups:
The Department of Education needs to be redesigned for Radical Openness to nurture it's own crowd of accelerated innovation Humanity watches 18 million hours of youtube everyday. Cisco estimates that In 2014 More than 90% of the world's data will be video.

Speakers are more powerful than Writers.
Video is more Powerful than Print

Music is Language; Language is Music ~ Karen Ellis
Ballads were the reason that Literacy spread knowledge, now video and broadband is the reason knowledge will spread. Students can sit in front of the world's finest because the crowd bubbles up the very best to make it easy to find.

Discover: Emulate: Innovate: PARTICIPATE
Giving away the best ideas using online video allows the best knowledge to spread easily while closed proprietary education inc. businesses models whose products rely on secrets become irrelevant.


Who is the teacher? You are the teacher.

You are part of the crowd that may launch the biggest learning cycle in human history. K-12 teachers and student community can publish their videos of what they know on internet2 . The best bubbles up - so that all the rest may know and the crowd can help to improve upon it.

Sal Khan says, we should “decouple credentialing from learning.” Instead of handing out degrees, standardized assessments would be the measure of employee competence. Anyone could learn at their own pace in their own way: in an internship, as an entrepreneur, or at home on the Internet. Then, everyone, no matter how they were educated, would be equal before the evaluation. Additionally, he thinks the assessment could be more meaningful than whatever abilities a college degree actual signals to employers.

"Education" A Slave with Two Masters
For the first time in history fabulous students don't need to miss out on a great education because of lousy department of "education" administrators who are there to maintain business alliances, and concerned with the buying and selling of so called "education products" all the way down to the local education agency and district CEO /COO's.

Is the
Dept. of Education having the effect
on children that we actually want?

Why on earth should be continue to support and use this completely outdated, dysfunctional, useless model run by business for business. There is no excuse at all. There should be a riot in the streets because of how poorly it is designed.

It isn't the parent, student, or teacher who is at fault.
It is the administrators, policy makers, lobbyists, corporations and politicians who are only interested in the business of education not the actual authentic education of american children.


2015 The Schoolification of the World.
Attract people through the Arts to bring people to learning.


We need to design the Department of Education to get better with use.

Any blame belongs to the Secretary of Education and everyone under them. THEY CAN'T MAKE IT WORK BECAUSE IT IS THE INDUSRIAL MODEL WHICH THEY HAVEN'T REDESIGNED.

Politics - Demand that the Department of Education get redesigned by Design Artists or be dismantled.

The Department Design needs to reflect the emotional authenticity of the product. It should be what it is.

The Real Value of Education

K12 Education needs to be redesigned or dismantled because it is not authentically designed for educating children, but with commerce.

What has value? The things that bring meaning in your life.

People are creative. We want to think about the future. We need to create a new platform of education where people can cooperate and are connected. Education should be designed to help us survive on this planet.


NEXT - DIY Kids Learn When -- They do it Themselves.

K12 Education Redesign

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