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YouTube videos cyber bullying is on the rise. Understanding Pack Mentality in Bullying

School Bullies and Safe Schools

Just remember . . . "If I Were King Of the Forest"

Teach Non Fear Based Internet Curriculum
By Joe Salkowski StarNet Dispatches (undated, but likely 1997)

2015 Google Will Allow People To Block “Revenge Porn” From Search Results. Iit will launch a system allowing people to request nude and explicit images of themselves posted without consent from appearing in Google's search results.

Teach Tolerance

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment (HBO)


The Attack on Kathy Sierra - Trouble at the Koolaid Point: 2014 was the 10-year anniversary of my first online threat. I thought it was a one-off, then. Just one angry guy. And it wasn't really THAT bad. But looking back, it was the canary in the coal mine… the first hint that if I kept on this path, it would not end well. And what was that path? We'll get to that in a minute.

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Gaming: pack behavior, herd behavior and collective narcissis


Cyber bullying, Cyber Mob, or Cyber Pack

Pack Mentality: Classroom bullying in children where the best results came from identifying the pack and breaking it up physically- by placing the children in different parts of the room or different classrooms. Pack mentality goes back to our innate behavior as animals. When mammals hunt in packs, they gain safety in numbers, and are able to deflect attention from themselves in the event that they are 'caught' by a bigger predator. In the case of bullying, this potential predator is an adult who is able to see the bullying, and prevent it from occurring in future.


HE was about 12 or 13 when he discovered the Internet, and couldn't really remember what life was like before that. "I wasn't anything," he wrote. "I was just a nerd who never really spoke up." The Internet gave him balls. And a mouth. In the chat rooms where he hung out he learned how to mock people and later found he could use this skill "irl", where he went from "never talking in school to making fun of everyone who picked on me for being nerdy." And he learned how to "troll." At the time, if you didn't troll you weren't really an anon. Trolling is the art of deliberately irritating people until they flip out or otherwise react in a way that generates laughs, or "lulz." It is the bedrock of Anonymous culture, and in the early 2000s there were dozens of "trolling gangs" roaming the back alleys of the Internet.
Sometimes the jokes went to harsh extremes, and that hasn't changed. In 2010, an 11-year-old girl nicknamed Jessi Slaughter issued a YouTube threat against "haters" who had started an Internet rumor about her. In 2010, the 4chan hive relentlessly picks on an 11-year-old girl and the episode gives rise to many "memes". At its most basic level, trolling is about humiliating people who seem to take themselves too seriously or pretend to be something they're not: 11-year-old girls, corporate executives, whoever. The troll jabs at them until they jab back, exposing their vulnerabilities, then jabs at those weak spots until they do something rash and truly embarrass themselves.

The average age in gamers is 30 says to me that you have a unique group of people (mostly "men") who have never matured beyond adolescence. There is likely some kind of loose central group of alpha males running the show. They should be classified as a Hate Group. See FBI Cyber Crimes division. The FTC's newest online safety publication is Free:

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online is an excellent guide for parents with practical tips to help kids navigate the online world. You can order copies for free and in bulk at Net Cetera is also available in Spanish. This material is very excellent. The FTC is really taking a leadership role in providing excellent - non-fear-based guidance.

England Reports:
Teachers suffer cyberbullying by pupils and parents.
More than one in seven teachers has been a victim, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers' annual conference hears.

If You See Something, Film Something: Recording The Police, The School Bully, or the online Bully is a Dangerous but Necessary Thing to Do This video was created as an example of the importance of filming the police. Video provides transparency, accountability, and an accurate account of police abuse, brutality, and corruption. It is essential for civilians to document their encounters with police officers to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety to all of those involved.

AMERICA: cyberbullying, cyberthreats, and sexting

K12 Sexting: 14-year old child pornographers?
Sexting lawsuits get serious If a middle-aged man meets a 14-year-old girl, coerces her to film a 10-second clip of herself masturbating, then intentionally releases that clip on the Internet, the man could clearly be charged under US federal law against the “sexual exploitation of children.” But what happens when the “man” is a 14-year-old boy who the 14-year old girl likes? And what if the "coercion" to make the film is the boy's threat not to befriend the girl in their new high school without the video?

There are two excellent circuit court cases where the issue of school response to student verbal aggression was considered. In Saxe v. State College, then Judge, but now Supreme Court Justice, Alito stated: "The primary function of a public school is to educate its students; conduct that substantially interferes with the mission (including speech that substantially interferes with a student's educational performance) is, almost by definition, disruptive to the school environment." n Sypniewski v. Warren Hills, the Circuit Court ruled: "Intimidation of one student by another, including intimidation by name calling, is the kind of behavior school authorities are expected to prevent. There is no constitutional right to be a bully."

Does Your School District have a policy about Bullies?

The Complaint for Damages
The Rest of the Story
The Assault
Suicide - The Forseeable Consequences of Bullying

  • Synopsis: 2002 New Jersey Laws, AB 1874, Requires each school district to adopt a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying on school property, at a school-sponsored function or on a school bus. The policy must include a definition of bullying behavior, consequences for engaging in such behavior, a procedure for investigation of reports of such behavior, a statement prohibiting retaliation or reprisal against persons reporting bullying behavior and consequences for making a false accusation. Requires school employees, students or volunteers to report any incidents of bullying, intimidation and harassment to appropriate school officials. Grants immunity from any cause of action for damages arising from a failure to remedy the reported incident to persons reporting these incidents.
  • All Pennsylvania school districts were required to pass a bullying policy by summer of 2007.



What is CyberBullying?


One of the best ways to prevent cyberbullying is to empower the bystanders. Teens really do have the ability to make a difference. You can use this story in your class Another 1,400 sympathetic notes for bullied girl for a discussion about how your students can respond proactively to address this concern. More than 1,000 new supportive e-mails and letters have flooded in for bullying victim Olivia Gardner, a middle school student in Novato, since The Chronicle published a story last week about a letter-writing campaign started by two Mill Valley sisters. Emily and Sarah Buder first read about Olivia's ordeal in March and decided to ask fellow students at Tamalpais High to help cheer up the 14-year-old with letters. Olivia said the letters, many of them from adults who remember being bullied as children, help her feel less alone. She also is beginning to look forward to using her experiences to help other children. Still, she wishes that old school friends who turned against her would apologize.




  • Privacy Rights for Children - Schools fail to punish students' online activities when done from the home.
  • Privacy Rights for Adults
  • Rules for Government Employment.
    GWU law professor (and former Supreme Court clerk) Orin Kerr wrote about the important differences between public and private sector employers here in a piece critical of a 9th circuit ruling. Unfortunately, as Professor Kerr's article title suggests, private sector employees generally have little to no 4th Amendment protection in their emails.
    It probably also bears reminding that the 4th Amendment only protects against government invasions of privacy, and doesn't protect against similar invasions by bosses, co-workers, or anyone else.


  2. The Pew Internet & American Life Project report looks at online harassment and cyberbullying among online teens ages 12-17. The report finds that about one third (32%) of all teenagers who use the internet say they have been targets of a range of annoying and potentially menacing online activities - such as receiving threatening messages; having their private emails or text messages forwarded without consent; having an embarrassing picture posted without permission; or having rumors about them spread online.
    Find Blogs used to Bully Kids and
    11/28/05, - Here's kind of a funny, kind of spooky off-topic anecdote.
  4. Bullies upload abusive tactics online - A ban on electronic harassment is being studied by the state
  5. States Pushing for Laws to Curb Cyberbullying 2007
  6. Classroom Management - Ottawa-area school, after two 13-year old students posted classroom video taken with a cellphone of their teacher yelling at a fellow student . News reports indicate that the video may have been staged, with students inducing the teacher into the shouting match specifically so that it could be captured on video. The teacher is currently on stress leave, the two students have been suspended, and the school has banned personal electronic devices from the classroom.
  7. UK's cyberbullied teachers Teachers left blubbing by cyber abuse. Cyber bullying has been perceived for some time as a growing problem in British classrooms. In British classrooms, it's the teachers who are getting bullied reports on its investigation into what was really being said in
  8. "Adina's Deck" is for girls 9-14. It's "a 30-minute interactive 'choose your own adventure' television pilot series" starring four tech-literate girls who have either been cyberbullies or victims and who "use their experiences to help solve their peers' Internet mysteries." It's also a parent/teachers guide to educating middle-school students about cyberbullying. It was created by Stanford University graduate student Debbie Heimowitz and based on her research this year at two Bay Area middle schools.
  9. Women - Acknowledgment that MISOGYNY IS NOT A MYTH with regards to the world of technology.
  10. CMO Crusades to Repair Her Digital Reputation Oct 12, 2007 good avice here for anyone else dealing with the downside of web 2.0, or actually anyone who wants to build up their online reputation and credibility even if they haven't been attacked.

WiredSafety's Teenangels Cyberbullying: Angels and Warriors


The following are Web sites offering information on school violence:

Blogs Used
to Bully Kids
fact sheets child_bullying

  • Toblin, R. (2005). Social-cognitive and behavioral attributes of aggressive victims of bullying. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology: An International Lifespan Journal, 26(3), 329.
    Children that range from passive victims to bullies and to other children to determine the social-cognitive and behavioral attributes of these children.
  • Monchy, M. (2004). Discrepancies in judging social inclusion and bullying of pupils with behaviour problems.. European Journal of Special Needs Education, 19(3), 317.
    How students with behavior problems are included less socially, and how this factor can lead them to bullying.