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K12 Department of Education Redesign PROCESS


The Department of Education model needs to be dissolved and redesigned themselves for the 21st century in order to actually be able to design a K12 curriculum model for the 21st. century.

The role of banksters in the financing and management of for-profit colleges and their interactions The Hidden Force in For-Profit Closures


Good Design Artists didn't design the Department of Education for the 21st Century.

- Activity, Artistry, Articulation
- Balance between Brains, Breathing, Body in Beauty
- Creativity, Compassion and Community

design PROCESS

"Focus on creativity this is what leads to success which changes culture+ ~ Karen Ellis Culturekeeper and Culture Change Agent.

Steve Jobs
a great Designer

who changed the world.

Cherokee Artist Roy Boney Jr. Reflects on Steve Jobs

I received a text on my iPhone on the morning of October 6 that said, "ᎣᏏᏲ, ᎩᎾᎵ."
Seeing the Cherokee syllabary appear in that tiny bubble on my screen is a profound thing. And I have Steve Jobs to thank for it.

"Instilling creative thinking is a work in progress. An open office where workers wearing the same shirt and haircut are beavering away. Then a new person arrives with a different hair cut. Each time he voices an idea, the others shout him down. Eventually he gets the same haircut and everybody likes him. Then a question appears: 'Aren't we stuck in conventional thinking?'"

Evaluation: Designing a Business Model, Product, or Policy depends on the process. You need to determine what is important and not important.

  • If an indicator isn't showing you anything it shouldn't be in your face, it shouldn't be there.

  • No one should struggle to use it. The solution should leave you feeling calm and you should hardly notice it.

  • Form has no relation to function now. That was the industrial model, along with restricted choices - so last century. The microchip has annihilated all of that.

The Department of Education are the political appointments the former business CEO's, Economists, Policy Wonks and educRATS who write the checks that finance the politicians who can award the tax payers money to their business to produce the "products" that Industry wants.

Children teaching each other web design and gaming.

IT companies, says that for children to be able to invent something new, they need to know the language. If you want to learn you need to start young.

The Coder Dojo Initiative

A K12 generation of digital consumers, who are becoming IT creators. And for them, the education system is boring, leaving them frustrated by a lack of opportunities afforded to them in real life compared with their evolving digital worlds.

Seán O'Sullivan, an Irish-American IT millionaire, and the person credited with inventing the term “cloud computing”. As a youngster he also came up with a way to put street maps on the internet - a precursor to Google maps. O'Sullivan is managing director of Avego Ltd, which has offices in Kinsale. He is also the new judge on the RTÉ show Dragon's De n, and he has hired Whelton to develop the project fulltime.
While O'Sullivan works with over 30 companies as a venture capitalist, he remains a computer engineer at heart, who was programming for major institutions and companies while still a teenager. Surveying the room, with dozens of kids solving problems and teaching each other to be innovative, O'Sullivan says this is the future. "The Irish government itself has said IT is an important part of the economy and clearly it has done a great job attracting some of the world's leading companies such as Google and Facebook to set up their European headquarters. But we are desperately looking for 10 engineers to add to our team in Cork and we can't find them. We go on recruiting trips to Romania, Spain and France instead. Something like this movement could have huge implications and reverse that trend. If IT is to be the future driver of this economy, this is where it will start to happen."

Mental Organization is the key to productive, creative thought. The so-called "core curriculum" is an adequate organizer of school subjects, it's a lousy organizer of general knowledge, and general knowledge is what holds daily life together. General Systems Theory was developed during World War II for radically improving learner performance is the fact that the very young, long before words like "chemistry," "economics," and "geometry" mean anything to them, know how to make sense, and use systems thinking to do it. <more>


K12 Education Redesign

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