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Richard ''Pistol'' Allen, Jack Ashford, Uriel Jones, Joe Hunter,Eddie Willis, Joe Messina and Johnny Griffin -- Allan Slutsky
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THE TIMES HERALD Montgomery County's Newspaper
203rd Year, No. 122 Monday October 14th, 2002 Technical Talk B1
by Carl Rotenberg Times Herald Staff

Times Herald Technically Speaking
Photo of Women In Technology Group

Karen Ellis Red Jacket

Top Left Amy Sosnov Esq.
"A Norristown attorney with an interest in technology enjoyed the WIT meeting. "Technology is important to lawyers in the 21st century whether it is for research or office equipment," said Amy Sosnov, a partner in Sosnov & Sosnov. "I also like meeting other professional women."

(Pink Jacket) Karen Ellis Founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround and Sosnov & Sosnov Web site designer

Comcast NewsMakers TV Interview with Karen Ellis 2001 OR , 2000

Bury Dead Ed Dot's with Dignity
By Johnathon E. Briggs
November 16, 2001

Md. ballet troupe tangled in Web's stickier strands
Abandoned address snapped up for porn

Just capitalism
"It's a dog-eat-dog world on the Internet, just as any business market is," said Karen Ellis, founder of the Educational CyberPlayground, a Web site designed to teach educators how to use the Internet effectively, and a proponent of better disposal of expired domain names.
"It's not personal, it's not extortion, it's capitalism."

From Education Site to Porn Portal by Joyce Kasman Valenza 1/10/2002

Educational CyberPlayGround Founder Karen Ellis
Meets the Secretary of Education Rod Paige 11/2001

The Importance of Crafting Culturally Relevant Content
by Karen Ellis 2001
As more and more classrooms are wired, the Internet provides teachers a new gateway to relevant, diverse and engaging content. The CyberPlayGround portal offers an interdisciplinary guide to using the Internet to deliver online curriculum. It provides comprehensive learning resources for different cultural and ethnic groups, and also for those with different approaches to learning.
When Philadelphia resident Karen Ellis recalls the memorable teachers in her life, she likes to talk about how they gave her the "building blocks of how the world works." These teachers "gave me the skills to negotiate for the rest of my life."

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