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You have to be remarkable. Not good, not better than the people on the radio, but remarkable, which Seth Godin defines as being worthy of being talked about. The Educational CyberPlayGround is all about the circle of trust and the curated links. It started with this paradigm back in 1991 and never wavered. It tapped the inherent power of the net and exploited its potential to a degree that dwarfs what has come after it. This website is K12 History and hosts the first of the firsts.

This site, has remarkable killer content and a robust delivery system that crosses all boundaries, geographic - economic and cultural, for business and consumer alike.

We reach everybody and they tell always tell somebody else. It is the people who spread the word about ECP. Used to be you could buy advertising, get in front of people. But that was before the Internet revolution, before we not only became immune to hype, but completely disregarded it. And if we're bombarded by incoming e-mail/tweets/Facebook messages about something new, we're suspicious, we believe the hand of the man is behind it.

The Educational CyberPlayground bonds with people, and know who they are, give them special offers, and something to talk about. Friends of ECP have told us this story again and again, that's how you build a business, that's today's advertising.

Assuming you're great to begin with.

We're not talking about the company that fights paying sales tax and is trying to take over the universe, but the one with the well-designed website that reliably delivers information, and people that you can trust. Never before have so many been famous for nothing. You might lay down a million to advertise your site, you might be well known. But can you sell trust that lasts? Those are completely different questions.

Everything you know is wrong. Assuming you subscribe to the old model. It is the website that is your marketing. Start there. Be great. Be remarkable.

But what is remarkable?
Those who last will have paid years of dues (25+ years on the net) and will have gained their audiences slowly like the Educational CyberPlayground has done.

Marketing is not oppressing the public, dunning them to pay attention, but giving them tools to spread the word. We're living in the connection revolution, we didn't need money to start. An ounce of preparation exceeds a million spam messages, which might make the sender feel good but will be deleted by all the tastemakers whose image is burnished by promoting something great.

Embracing the Weird

Success Mag interview, 2012 from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

Founder and visionary Karen Ellis does what companies seldom can do for themselves, break down boundaries. She ignites the company's creativity, tatters carefully tailored but counterproductive edges, and generally opens the team to the humane skills that make a great Web company. She really "gets the net", and has an uncanny ability to mix authenticity, brutal honesty, and occasionally biting humor to deliver her message about education, marketing and business methodologies on the web. She is willing to challenge traditional boundaries in return for exceptional results.

ECP Mission Statement
Improving literacy through arts education and advocacy by providing collaborative and interdisciplinary resources for understanding world culture.

Do You Have . . .

  1. Noble Purpose
    ... a sense of transcendence.
  2. Sound Principles
    ... something lasting
    ... that has depth and reliability
    ... as a basic core.
  3. Reasonable Profit
    ... this, of course, in contrast to "greed"
    ... money becomes the life blood that permeates and renews
    ... not just a way of keeping score
  4. Sensitivity to People understanding of the human element, the interiors of people, their hopes and dreams
    ... and that customers are not just numbers
    ... This is what Karen Ellis refers to as "mushing"
  5. A respect for the natural ecology of everything
    ... from the environment, to the elegant patterns within a business, so that actions are measured against this touchstone
    ... making possible the power of the THIRD WIN.

If baseball owners and players had only played the win:win game, but the integrity of the sport itself was tarnished

  1. ... that would have been a win : win : lose
  2. ... And without the Third Win, society will be, at some level, damaged.

Not for Profit isn't Against Profit, but exactly the opposite is true.
"If you choose to work in the nonprofit sector, you're not taking a vow of poverty, but you are saying you're motivated by something besides how do I make the most possible money," said John Vogel, a professor of nonprofit management at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business. "The chief executive officer's salary does send a signal. It does say what kind of organization you are, what you value, what you care about."

Answers the Business & Technology Questions

  • Problem Identification
  • Description of Technology Application
  • Explanation of this Leading Edge, Breakthrough Technology
  • Evidence of Contribution
  • How we measure results
  • Description of Potential Negative or Unintended Consequences
  • Discussion of Replication Potential
ATTENTION is the true scarcity
not data or information.


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