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Members Please Do:

  • Lurkers please come out to play!!
  • Share your opinion and particular insight
  • Bonus Points if you can.... Try to have a sense of humor about life.
  • Permission granted to post anonymously
    (we understand your boss may get upset).
  • DUC SPIRIT - sharing and helping - IF you don't need it just delete it.

Members Please DON'T:

  • Flame anyone on the list, do it privately
  • Fighting or annoying everyone on the list might get you a permanent time out.
  • Target our list for spam. Permanently Outta the game
  • Forget to put a signature with an email address at the bottom of your post.
  • Ooopsi Daisy - Accidentally Post a personal reply to the whole list, which I've done many times myself.

--- FYI Administrative Requests for the DUC List ---


The DUC List has No Connection to:
DU Educational Technology Services or its Diversity University Service and unfortunately we don't moo or shmoo either.

People posting material to this list: TOP
1) retain copyright if they are the copyright holder
2) agree to electronic redistribution for educational purposes via this list on the web.
(When the author/owner of a text sends it to a list) he/she is agreeing to its distribution, quotation, and use for educational purposes, because he is sending it to a public forum and is aware of the possible duplication and distribution elsewhere. This mainly means crossposting among other lists. All crossposts should credit the author and the originating list. If he/she is concerned about fair use, then he/she should only post portions of their work whose distribution will not harm its market potential; that way, anyone else reproducing that portion of it will not be harming its market potential.
3) If you copy & then paste an entire thread from DUC to a competing website word for word, it is a blatant theft of copyrighted material. As soon as messages are submitted to DUC, it becomes the property of ECP website and is protected by the copyright laws as soon as it was published to the list members.
Guidelines regarding this issue: The reprinting of written materials is not permitted without the prior consent of the author or owner. Please check any publication for consent or denial of reproduction and include the consent with the submission of the quote to this forum. Simply acknowledging the owner or author of a published piece does not fulfill the requirements for reprinting it. Government publications are considered "public domain" and therefore this requirement does not apply, although the quote must be verbatim with proper acknowledgement. There is an exception called "fair use" where, in order to support an individual's claim or point of view when discussing an author's work, a brief quote of the published work is acceptable.

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