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Dear Readers, Welcome!

NetHappenings Founded in 1989 is the granddaddy of all education mailing lists distributes announcements about the Internet, latest resources, especially those that are education-related.

History of this free educational mailing list, moderated and published by the Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc.

In 1993 former biology teacher of twenty years, and internet pioneer Gleason Sackmann, was at the helm.

Gleason announced his retirement in 2004 and at his request I accepted the responsibility of keeping this piece of internet history going. My name is Karen Ellis, and it is my honor to serve as tradition bearer and moderator at his request. The Educational CyberPlayGround, Inc. and NetHappenings Mailing List remains a free resource thanks to the support of our advertisers. Help keep it free and please click on ads of interest

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FYI: Gleason used to send up to 35 messages a day, when email and mailing lists were considered a very unusual technology and only being used by they the rare and unusual folks in the education community, back in the day before web sites were ever invented. And back then we were happy to get them!

Postings for Net-happenings and all the other list are primarily for the K-12 Education community, and generally pertain to:

  • Articles catering to security, hacking, firewalls, new security encryption, products, public hacks, hoaxes, legislation affecting these topics.
  • Information on where to obtain articles in current magazines.
  • New security product information.
  • Things affecting your own personal security
  • K12 websites
  • K12 software
  • General info newsletters
  • K12 technology info
Please DO NOT:
* subscribe vanity mail forwards to this list
* subscribe from 'free' mail addresses (ie: juno, hotmail)
* enable vacation messages while subscribed to mail lists
* subscribe from any account with a small quota
All of these generate messages to the list owner and make tracking down dead accounts very difficult. Any of the above are grounds for being unsubscribed. You are welcome to resubscribe when you address the issue(s). This is not a whim! Other moderators have begun to do the same.

Postings are made from 8am - 3pm Central Time, M-F.

Do not include submissions for:

  • Self-improvement,
  • Making money,
  • Business opportunities
  • Do not include HTML coding!
  • Do not include signatures

No postings are made over the weekend. Filters are in place from 3pm Eastern Time Friday to 8am Eastern Time Monday, in order to prevent a large backlog of postings.


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I have been following NetHappenings from the very beginning some 15 years ago! Not in US, very good work. I am one those people that got intrigued about the Net as a new kind of "computing machine" with new kind of "applications", in late 80s, but I was placed far away from the main scene.
So "NetHappenings" was a first "media" stream full of things that the Net was giving rise to and was made of. A kind of cyber-radio full of facinating stories, songs, talks and info about new sets too. all the best,
Yannis Corovesis 2007
athens, greece, europe