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Media Literacy

Media Literacy - Learning about Advertising free resources with colleagues, students (or any tween in your life), and parents.

The FTC is doing excellent work in the creation of educational material. I hope you have also looked at their NetCeteria guide for parents on Internet safety. Also for high school students, this OnGuardOnline site will provide excellent instructional resources.

*Admongo* The Federal Trade Commissions newest program for educators, students, and parents .

Advertising to American kids is nothing new. But the Internet and other technologies have taken kids exposure to it to new levels: ads are virtually everywhere. Thats why the FTC created Admongo, a new campaign to raise advertising literacy among the nations tweens.

Admongo is designed to equip kids ages 8 to 12 with critical thinking skills they can use to understand advertising messages. Watch the video or read the announcement from the FTC for more information.

Teachers can use Admongo a game-based website as well as a free curriculum for 5th and 6th grade to help their students recognize, analyze, and understand advertising. (The curriculum, developed with Scholastic, meets national standards for language arts and social studies.) Other free sample ads resources to use in the classroom and several family activities .
share this public domain game. You can link to it, grab graphics for your website, and use the information in a blog post or newsletter.