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Project Gutenberg
Michael S. Hart Founder - Project Gutenberg is the oldest website for free electronic books.

8 tips and tricks to get the most of Project Gutenberg

Many or most of the Netlibrary eBooks come from Project Gutenberg, but are not kept up to date via error corrections, format changes, and many other improvements. . .not to mention that you can choose your own fonts, font size, pagination, etc. with the original book as presented by Project Gutenberg.
~23,000 eBooks at
100,000 eBooks at
~15,000 at Project Gutenberg of Australia
~ 500 at Project Gutenberg of Europe
! 100 at Project Gutenberg of the Philippines
Just starting Project Gutenberg of Canada, as we speak.
All free of all charges, many formats available, many languages. And. . .on July 4th, the 36th anniversary of eBooks on the Net-- there will be 2/3 - 3/4 million eBooks at: including ~100,000 from commercial vendors, the rest are free. Blog

Children's Library
Drawing on materials from the New York Public Library, the National Yiddish Book Center, and the University of California Libraries, the Internet Archive has created this trove of digitized children's books. Currently, there are over 2,700 books available here and they include works like “Infant's cabinet of birds & beasts” from 1820 and “What the Moon Saw: And Other Tales” from 1866.

Second Annual World eBook Fair
+ 110,000 Commercial eBooks
3/4 Million Total eBooks Available as Grand Total
eBooks in over 100 Different Languages!
Created by Contributions from 150+ eLibraries Around the World

Last year The World eBook Fair gave away about 1 million eBooks a day for 30 days between July 4 and August 4.
The commercial eBooks are from Digital Pulp Publishing, presenting a wide and eclectic array bringing independent access to the broad open market through the efforts of many publishers; and also great numbers of additional books, perhaps totalling ~100,000 by July 4, from eBooks About Everything. Contact information is below.
These are all full text editions that are yours to keep once their files have been downloaded to your computer, enough titles to fill 25 average public libraries.
The Second World eBook fair includes the entire ~100,000 eBook set from Project Gutenberg's various collections as well as a
~400,000 set of collections from The World eBook Library, all of which will be available free of charge.
~100,000 eBooks from The Internet Archive
+ 87,000 downloadable in progress eBooks

Michael S. Hart {RIP}
Founder, Project Gutenberg
405 W. Elm, Urbana, IL 61801,
US Phone 217-344-6623
Gregory B. Newby
CEO, Project Gutenberg
U of Alaska, Fairbanks
US Phone 907-450-8663
John Guagliardo
Founder, World Public Library
Honolulu, Hawaii
US Phone 808-292-2068
Catherine Hodge
Digital Pulp Publishing
US Phone 877-382-2100
The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive Hosts Over 100,000 unique finished eBooks. In addition, there are ~87,000 downloadable eBooks in progress.


The ScienceDirect eBooks program
Elsevier, a leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical (STM) information, has announced that more than 900 leading research libraries and corporations from all over the world are participating in the trial of eBooks on ScienceDirect. The trial will provide participating institutes with preliminary access to 500 of the 4,000 scientific and technical books that will be launched on ScienceDirect in the third quarter of 2007.

E-LIS is an open access archive for scientific or technical documents, published or unpublished, on Librarianship, Information Science and Technology, and related areas." There are presently 5,780 documents in their collection.


The eBook Reader 2.2 w/voice
With the release of Adobe® Reader® 6.0 software, Adobe has united Acrobat eBook Reader and Acrobat Reader in a single application. You no longer need to install Acrobat eBook Reader to enjoy eBooks. All of the eBook reading features formerly in Acrobat eBook Reader are now available in Adobe Reader.
Download Adobe Reader now


Learn Out Loud


A few free audio books along with samples to fee-based titles and direct links to sources like Amazon and Audible as well as the Creative Commons. A few non-English language sources also listed.

AudioBooksForFree. It doesn't get much simpler than this. Browse using the tabs at the top or the lefthand navigation panel. (Note that there are tabs for Music and Ringtones; nothing here yet…content is “coming soon.”) There's also a search tool that lets you filter/browse or hunt for a particular title. The basic categories are fiction, nonfiction and childrens. If you're browsing rather than looking for an exact title, use the navigation panel to zero in on categories of interest. Books are in mp3 format; technical help is available, and there's an FAQ. Free registration is required. You can purchase higher quality files or book “collections” on CD, DVD, or already loaded onto an mp3 player, a hard drive, or a flash memory card.

Open Culture Audiobook Podcast Collection. While the collection itself here is not that large, if you scroll down the page, you'll find links to a whole bunch of audiobook podcast sites. Bookmark this one; it's a good fishing hole.

The venerable Project Gutenberg has both “human-read and computer-generated audio books.”

AssistiveMedia is an interesting site that provides “audio access to reading materials for anyone with a reading access barrier.” The focus here is on magazine articles and other short works. — “serialized audio books which are made available in podcast format.” You can receive episodes via RSS or download them directly. Lots of science fiction and mysteries by authors you've probably never heard of — check the “charts” page to find out what's hot/popular. Users rate the various offerings. Free registration.

The Digital Media Locater from OverDrive offers a database the can:
1) Help you determine if your library offers audio e-books and other e-media from Overdrive
2) Provides access to what specific titles are available

The Spoken Alexandria Project
The Spoken Alexandria Project is creating a free Creative Commons library of spoken word recordings, consisting of classics in the public domain and modern works (with permission). AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 audiobooks available for free download and redistribution.

Literal Systems: Audio Books You Just Can't Buy

StoryNory -
Stories for kids, ready to download.

Interviews with authors as well as several complete texts including The Iliad - Book I by Homer, Milton by William Blake, and The Tragedy of Macbeth and other works by Shakespeare.

Poetry Online (Most Poems Read by their Authors) as well as interviews with the poet.
Rent, download, buy, trade. Useful database to see if a title is available.


National University's 41,000+ netLibrary collection consists of a broad range of reference, scholarly, trade, academic, and professional books from our country's top university presses. You may search by subject, author, and title, as well as full-text and "check out" ebooks books for 24 hours.

The On-Line Books Page Links to Over 10,000 Online Books and More is one hub for focusing ones access to free online books that are not restricted in access by copyright restriction. This is therefore a major resource for classic literature. There is a search tool on this page so that one can search for specific items desired by author or title keyword or exact entry searches. Book files are frequently available in both full text online and indownloadable zip files from electronic book collections on the internet. There is also a subject listing for this collection of linked public domain electronic monographs that is arranged by broad categories of Library of Congress Classification. While the numbers of nonfiction titles are fewer than the fiction publications, there are nonfiction works represented in this collection and it is easy to get to these titles by picking a classification subject description that is in the area in which one wishes to read and then browsing through the titles available in that category.

UG Library Electronic books Our e-book collections cover a wide range of subject areas. Search specific collections via the links below. Many of the books can also be found through TRELLIS, the Library catalogue.

Free Electronic Books about biology, evolution, psychopathology, human nature, and society.

Internet Public Library Online Text Division:
This site offers full text online versions of books, including a link to research materials. Great when you don't have access to the library.

Alive & Free Live Authors giving it away

African American Women Writers the 19th Century

Banned Books On-line

Bibliomania - fiction and reference - classic novels

CELT Irish literature

FreeLit - HTML texts

Free Downloads - offers dictionary

Great Writers and Poets

H P Lovecraft

Hypertexts - from Virginia university

Internet Classic Archive - over 441 classics

Internet Library of Early Journals

Jane Austen- personal collection of literature

Lady Liberty: The Changing Face of American Freedom
Litrix Reading Room
Lost Poets of the Great War
Luminarium Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century English literature.

Marxists Internet Archive
Mission Creep Online Publishing -
anthology of humor, comics, stories, poetry, and
art (with emphasis on artists from Philadelphia)

National Academy Press Reading Room

Online Literature Library classics

Perseus Project Greek classics
Philosophy e-texts
Project Runeberg - Nordic texts
Project Bartleby - classics in HTML format

The National Women's History Project
The World of Dante
Thomas Jefferson Online Resources - from U Virginia

University of Pennsylvania - over 9000 listings

Victorian Women Writers Project (VWWP) [Indiana]

Women and the Civil War - Resources at Duke
William Blake Archive

Safari Tech Books Online
Safari Tech Books Online offers IT professionals instant access to the full text of hundreds of leading technology books.

ebrary offers over 25,000 full text books and other documents through ebrarian. The collection specializes in Business, Economics, and Computer Science books. National University students have unlimited access to the ebrarian collection.

Ebook Library
Ebook Library offers more than 22,000 scholarly e-books across all subject areas.

ABC-CLIO provides high quality history reference books. The eBooks purchased by the National University Library are listed in the first section of the main page. Books listed in the second section may be available online through the National University Library Catalog.

Gale Virtual Reference
Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias, almanacs, and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7.

Oxford Reference Premium
Oxford Reference Online Premium offers 124 dictionaries, and reference works published by Oxford University Press

National Academy Press This site contains over 2,500 free ebooks published by the National Academies.

More than 100 electronic books relating to counterterrorism, Criminal Justice, Forensics, and Law Enforcement.

More than 150 electronic books relating to ecology, geology, environmental engineering, occupational health, occupational safety, and environmental risk analysis.

Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online contains over 1,200 Oxford books in the areas of Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. Up to 200 new books will be added each year.

PsycBOOKS from the American Psychological Association, contains approximately 500 APA titles (including 100 out-of-print books) in PDF format with copyright dates from 1953-2005.

MBS Direct, sells some 700 college textbooks in digital form. They started the program at 10 campuses fall 2005 and 31 spring 2006. Interest has been modest -- about 5 percent of the total sales for a given text -- but that's encouraging enough to expand to more than 300 campuses next semester, says Dennis Flanagan, chief executive of MBS Direct.