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Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

"What fun it would be to be rich and eccentric, rather than broke and just plain nuts!" - Anon.


Silicon Valley's dirty secret.
Despite the claim that “Software is eating the world” — Startup investing is still as notoriously relationship and location driven as it was 20 years ago. The valley wants everything to be automated, AI driven, efficient and meritorious, except our own process of investing in startups. Whether venture capital, accelerator, traditional angel money, or online angel money, the ability to get funded is only partly about how good your idea is, it is largely about who you know and how well you present. This is the problem.
Silicon Valley has a dirty secret and that secret is that it is still the most human (and thus relationship driven) asset class on the planet. The irony is that most venture funds are actively funding automation and reducing the need for humans in many roles of society. They just aren't funding themselves out of a job, yet.

Angels In the Philly Region

Yes, Philly does Web startups! We have hackers. We have hackathons. We have real hackathons. We have mailing lists. We have super angels. We have hacker angels. We have open angel forum. We have VCs of all kinds. But enough about money. We have big events. We have cool events. We have lots of events. Hey, all you can handle bro'. We have multiple accelerators. We have co-working space. We have hacker space. We have startup news. We have traction. We have exits. So join us already...


Hummer Winblad Venture Partners (napster)
was founded in 1989 as the first venture capital fund to invest exclusively in software companies. Through our history, we've had the opportunity to invest in the pioneers and leaders of several generations of software applications, architectures, delivery methods and business models. We've helped entrepreneurs build companies in desktop software, embedded systems, client-server, distributed network computing, internet, and software as a service.

Tech Spotter
TechSpotter is an investment pre-screening service that helps companies find funding while providing investors with access to pre-qualified deal flow. Companies in the technology, medical devices, digital media, and consumer spaces are reviewed and showcased to investors on the TechSpotter web site and at TechSpotter events. TechSpotter hosts high-level events for its select group of investors, CEO's, Board of Directors members, and successful entrepreneurs. TechSpotter does NOT charge finder's fees. We make money from events and being involved in equity investments via our venture partners, should they choose to invest.
Your information will be put in front of our venture partners.
You will be evaluated for eligibility to present at an event and possibly considered a high growth company. Includes one complimentary membership to TechSpotter to attend the member only events. See membership benefits below.
Most applicants have adjusted their business model and/or presentation to incorporate the suggestions of the TechSpotter reviewers and investors. We have helped 6 companies find funding since 2000. To present your company information to our reviewers and venture partners, click register and open an account. Then log in to COMPLETE the online questionnaire. You will soon be able to read the reviews on your company and the investors will contact you if interested.

(Payable in full, non-refundable, and on an annual basis)
No revenues - $250
Up to $1 million in revenues per year - $500
Up to $10 million in revenues per year - $1,000
Over $10 million per year in revenues - $5,000

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