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K12 Public Education Wave Resources

EMBED add sound src=sample.wav, samples, loops,
Sound Effects, to your site.

Fun Waves
Roberts Wrestling Wavs
Joe's Original Wave Files
Archive Audio
from the 1900's onward.
Movie Sounds


The 60's



Find a Sound - lets you search the Web for sound effects and sample sounds for audio files based on how they sound. You can even create your own sounds and use them to find similar sounds on the Web.

Presentation Helper - You can download these powerpoint sound clips to add into your Power Point presentations. They are available in both mp3 and wav format. How to Add sound to your power point.

The Looney Tunes Sound Source

M*A*S*H Sounds Page

Movie Sounds Page

Free Instrumental and more   You can choose music by feel/style and also you can choose the length of the clip. compiles lists of FTP sites.

Internet Archive provides hosting for bands willing to go further and ignore the person-to-person-only rule - the bands - and the fans - are eager to allow sharing without anyone making any money. The Grateful Dead says: "The Grateful Dead and our managing organizations have long encouraged the purely non-commercial exchange of music taped at our concerts and those of our individual members _ Our stipulations regarding digital distribution are merely extensions of those long-standing principles and they are as follows: No commercial gain may be sought by websites offering digital files of our music_" For bands whose main audience is the live one, allowing fans live recordings of the previous night's show could be a winner.

New Zealand Folkies Super Search Page

Add Sound
the Right Way

Ever visit a site and receive the alert that your browser is unable to start the midi file? Even though the music is playing??? This is because they haven't coded their page for BOTH Netscape and Internet Explorer, which as usual, never seem to do the same thing the same way. There is a right way to add music to your page that will let it play on either browser without causing the alert message.

How to embed music into your website:

<EMBED src="sample.wav" autostart=true hidden = false loop= false> <NOEMBED> <BGSOUND SRC="sample.wav" LOOP="1"> </NOEMBED></EMBED>

Change the "sample" to whatever the name of your file is, and change the .wav to .mid if you're using a midi file ( in both locations ). Everything else stays the same.

The "loop=false" means the song or sound will play once.

Set it to true if you want it to repeat endlessly, but I don't recommend that. People will soon grow tired of the same song over and over. Once is enough.

The "hidden=false" reveals the midi control panel.
Change it to true if you want to hide the control panel.
I do not recommend hiding the control panel in most cases.

Many people surf with their own listening preference playing.

Your sound file will play through their speakers at the same time their preference is playing, and that's annoying.

Others surf from work and don't want to be found out by music coming from their computer. If they can't turn off the sound they will leave your site.

One last thing, put the code at the bottom of your page. If it's at the top your visitor has nothing to do while it downloads.


Acquire a MIDI file then add it to your own web page

Create an MP3 file using Music Match Jukebox to add audio to your web page

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