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Github is NOT your CV but "When it comes to hiring, I'll take a Github commit log over a resume any day."

The advice is the same to everyone. Work hard on personal projects, get them online and live and running and impressive. Join a well known open source project and do 200 commits. Tweet, blog regularly. Prove you know your stuff. Same advice for everyone. Almost no one does this stuff and those that do greatly increase their chance of getting work. People sit around hoping not to have to do the hard yards, hoping they'll somehow be given a job. In 2014 you have to make it happen through active, public work. If you build enough of an online reputation then you'll get work without even meeting people and they wouldn't know if you were an 80 year old giraffe.

We Work Remotely @weworkremotely (search for "remote")

More remote job boards:

FIND YOUR REMOTE Developer or Designer Jobs
110 William Street, 28th Floor, NY, NY 10038
Stack Overflow Careers 2.0

  • Site url:
  • Filter type: Location (Telecommute)
  • Observations: It is rare to find a quality site that has an explicit location filter for telecommute positions. Also impressive is the fact that the job posting form (for employers) has the following statement below the ‘Telecommute’ checkbox–‘Check this only if you are considering candidates who will work entirely remotely’, I’ll raise a glass to that!
  • Grade: A
37signals Job Board
  • Site url:
  • Filter type: keyword search
  • Number of remote posts (approx.): 15-20? (it was hard to tell, you have to guess the terms: telecommute, remote, anywhere, etc.
  • Observations: The posts are of good quality, but for a company that is such a large proponent of remote working they do a pretty lackluster job identifying those posts. Also, their job posting form simply has an open text input for location with no checkbox or other way of identifying the post as remote.
  • Grade: B
Dribbble - Jobs
  • Site url:
  • Filter type: none
  • Number of remote posts (approx.): 10?
  • Observations: Similar to 37signals job board, there are some quality remote gigs here, but you have to dig without any assistance. In fact, this site offers no filtering at all and this job board is simply a launchpad to external sites (i.e. passive income generator). Best bet is to Ctrl-F for ‘Anywhere’, which is a hint on the location text field within their job posting form.
  • Grade: C
Authentic Jobs
  • Site url:
  • Filter type: checkbox
  • Number of remote posts (approx.): 60
  • Observations: This site has earned a reputation for the quality of its posts and it is the only site in this group whose sole purpose is listing jobs. I also noticed you can bookmark a useful URL after filtering As with stackoverflow, there is a checkbox to tag the post as a telecommuting position–‘Work can be done from anywhere (i.e. telecommuting)’. The other bonus here is filtering that allows you to separate out full-time jobs, though the telecommute checkbox to ’Show only telecommute jobs’ is buried under a map icon.
  • Grade: A


The best explicit filtering of telecommuting jobs and provide a means for employers to clearly tag a job as such. The slight edge goes to Authentic Jobs mainly for its advanced filtering.


Keeping Your Site Alive
EFF Manual Outlines How Keep Your Content Online in Case of a Denial of Service Attack

see how to stop DOS in windows

Denial of service attacks - flooding websites with traffic in order to make them unavailable to the public - have become an increasingly popular way to take down or block Internet content. A new online guide from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) outlines how website operators can fend off these attacks and keep their sites alive and accessible.
"Denial of service attacks have been used by governments to silence online criticism as well as by activists protesting companies and organizations they don't like," said EFF Director for International Freedom of Expression Jillian York. "Major websites often have the resources to keep running during a denial of service attack, but smaller sites - such as those belonging to independent media or human rights organizations - are sometimes taken down permanently. Our online guide is aimed at leveling the playing field."
EFF's "Keeping Your Site Alive" guide includes tips on choosing an appropriate webhost to provide the security and technical assistance needed to weather an attack. The guide also gives advice on how to back up and mirror content so it can be made available elsewhere in case the site is compromised, and includes tutorial videos with background information on the technical concepts involved. Denial of service attacks are an issue for websites across the globe, so EFF's guide is available in many different translations, including Chinese, Russian, Persian, and Arabic.
"Lack of resources or knowledge can mean some websites are more vulnerable than others," said EFF International Freedom of Expression Coordinator Eva Galperin. "We want to give website operators around the world the tools they need to protect their content and stay online."

Woman to Know in New Media top

Online Journalism Review
National Women's History Project:
Women Leaders Online:

Free and Open Source Software communities

Freenode, a service of Peer-Directed Projects Center (PDPC). freenode provides discussion facilities for the Free and Open Source Software communities, for not-for-profit organizations and for related communities and organizations. In 1998, the network had about 200 users and less than 20 channels. Ten years down the line the network currently peaks at just over 70,000 users, freenode provides facilities to a variety of groups and organizations.

Select an ISP-- top

Internet access providers and information on how to select a provider, with separate pages for all U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and over one hundred countries."

How the Freak do I make a Site? top

First learn to make a webpage

Applications and Tutorials

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Chapter 2. Basic iPhone Styling


A free GIF / JPEG reduction site - that works really well.
It's a lot like GIF Wizard, which used to be free but isn't any longer. Basically you just enter your URL and it returns all the images on your page -- select an image, and it gives you several reduced-size images to choose from and save to disk.

Protect Art Online

Gif Optimizers

Technology Resource top

Technology Vocab

Cheapo Online Training top

Applications and tutorials

Free Spread Sheet from Google

Google Inc. will introduce a spreadsheet program will offer consumers and businesses a free alternative to Microsoft's Excel application. Main goal is to make it easier for family, friends or co-workers to gain access to the same spreadsheet from different computers at different times, enabling a group of authorized users to add and edit data without having to e-mail attachments back and forth.


We check our connection with a program called

Test your Connection Speed

CNet Bandwidth Speed


Better Counter | Webstat | SiteMeter |The Counter | Fast Counter

Find Out What Your TCP/IP Network Settings Are top

In Windows 95/98 use a little-known utility called WinIPConfig to see information about your TCP/IP network settings. From the Start Menu, press Run, type winipcfg, and click OK. In Win2k and WinNT type ipconfig at the command prompt.

Google Gadgets


Color RGB Values


the tool lets you “Preview and test your web pages on leading browsers and operating systems - on demand

Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Taking advantage of the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 can mean sacrificing control over the experience in older browsers. Modernizr 2 is your starting point for making the best websites and applications that work exactly right no matter what browser or device your visitors use.