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Assistive, Adaptive, Accessible Technology

FOR STUDENTS WITH IEPs AND /OR 504 PLANS are allowed to use their accommodations and modifications in testing situations.

Extended time—Is there supervision and lab or computer time available for those student who might need an extended time period to complete their work?

Graphic organizer—Remember that the teacher can not give the graphic organizer to the student but if it is used daily throughout the year then the student can access it like they do the rest of the year. This could be software (Inspiration, Kidspiration or others); it may be a form like the Four Square Method, or other tools.

Multi-modal presentation of materials (text)—This can mean; signing the text, computer text reading software, tape recorder, and a person reading. NOTE—this is the most recommended use of words for the IEP and 504 plan.

Oral Presentation of materials (text)—This can mean numerous things. (That is why we use that wordology) Computer text reader, Tape recorder, or a person reading.

Reader—We are trying to get away from this one but this means that the student will have a person sitting across from them reading the test.

Scribe—Right now this is a person that writes whatever the student says. Correct spelling and punctuation may be added as long as there are pauses in the speech where a punctuation mark would be inserted. There is not a good component for this yet in the software market. We have not had a great deal of success with Via Voice or Dragon Dictate at the schools. It is not classroom friendly.

What's a Section 504?
This is something every educator must face. Basically it ensures that all children with disabilities have free and appropriate public education that is designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for employment and independent living, and it ensure that the rights of children with disabilities and parents of such children are protected. It is used instead of an IEP for students who don't really need the overall plan of an IEP. Thus schools sometimes use it because it requires them to do less. However, ever educator must know what is required when using the Section.

A Legal Overview
IEP versus 504
Questions and Answers

Assistive Media
New Media Helps Visually Impaired hear the stuff over the internet. David Erdody is using RealAudio technology on his AssistiveMedia Web site to make magazine articles available in audio form so that people with visual impairments can have access to a wider range of media.

Tony Ballou Recommends the following screen reading tools:

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RESNA - REHABILITATION ENGINEERING AND ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA For patients on Medicaid or a limited income, they may be extremely difficult to get. A database of drug assistance programs offered by 48 member companies of the PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America).

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