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Reading Help: Wider Letter Spacing Helps Dyslexic Children
Increasing the spacing between characters and words in a text improves the speed and quality of dyslexic children's reading, without prior training. iPad/iPhone application, available under the name "DYS." It allows both parents and children to modify the spacing between letters and thus test the benefits of these changes on reading. Increasing the spacing between characters and words in a text improves the speed and quality of dyslexic children's reading, without prior training. They read 20% faster on average and make half as many errors.
New research shows that children with dyslexia, compared to typical readers, have trouble processing fast-changing sounds. Scientists believe this prevents them from properly learning syllables when they first hear language, which later causes reading difficulties. In the test above, children listened to two types of sounds: sounds whose acoustic qualities changed quickly, as in normal speech, and slowed-down sounds that changed slowly. Yellow spots indicate brain areas that responded more strongly to fast-changing sounds than slow-changing sounds. Typical readers (Image A) used eleven brain areas more extensively when processing fast-changing as opposed to slow-changing sounds. In contrast, children with dyslexia didn't show these differences; they used the same brain areas to the same degree to process both fast- and slow-changing sounds.

Compiled Documents for Fcat Practice Workbook Math Grade 8

Math Help: Ability to Estimate Quantity Increases in First 30 Years of Life
The researchers said 1 adult in 8 had an ANS score that was less precise than a typical 11-year-old child." that educational efforts to improve number sense might help people across a wide range of ages.
Humans have an intuitive number sense to estimate and compare quantities from birth and so do many animals. One of the basic elements of cognition - the ability to estimate quantities - grows more precise across the first 30 years or more of a person's life, according to researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health. Test yourself
This intuitive grasp of numbers, also called an approximate number sense, or ANS, is tied to concrete math skills at every stage of life. Previously, the researchers have reported that ninth graders with a math disability were more likely to have an imprecise number sense. They also have found a correlation between an inherent grasp of quantity and such basic number skills as counting among children as young as 3 years old.
The new finding that the ANS grows sharper from birth through a person's childhood, teens, and twenties also suggests the possibility that environmental factors, such as education, may influence the strength of the ANS and that education could help improve it. Because ANS proficiency is linked to math ability, instruction to improve the ANS might be used to prevent the development of math learning disability or help remediate this disability, the researchers said. "It appears that there is a large window of opportunity to intervene," said Halberda. "A precise ANS may be the foundation on which we build formal mathematical skills, and if that's true, early help for children at risk for math disability could have a big, lifelong impact. <more>

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers' Understanding of Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series) [Paperback]

Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent Education -

Pigeons can learn higher math as well as monkeys study suggest

  • Pigeons match primates in number sense
  • Abstract: All sorts of animals, including bees, can count. Pigeons have now shown that they can learn abstract rules about numbers, an ability which until now had been demonstrated only in primates. In the 1990s scientists trained rhesus monkeys to look at groups of items on a screen and to rank them from the lowest number of items to the highest.
    They learned to rank groups of one, two and three items in various sizes and shapes. When tested, they were able to do the task even when unfamiliar numbers of things were introduced. In other words, having learned that two was more than one and three more than two, they could also figure out that five was more than two, or eight more than six.
    How Smart Is This Bird? Let It Count the Ways




How to Learn Math: For Students Stanford University offers an online course designed to help students of all ages and levels (and their instructors) develop "strategies to learn and to relate to math well, taught by Dr. Jo Boaler, a professor of mathematics education at Stanford The self-paced course, which includes six twenty minute lessons, includes information about brain science as well as strategies for approaching mathematical reasoning. To enroll in this course, students (or their parents) or instructors need to complete a free registration. This resource may especially appeal to high school and college mathematics instructors, mathematics tutors, adult education instructors, and students interested in reassessing their approach to math. <more>

Financial Literacy Help

The idea that the United States once was a world leader in elementary and secondary education, while a compelling part of our belief system, is false. We never ranked #1. We can't get back to the head of the class because we never were the head of the class. In fact, we always have scored at, or near, the bottom of the rankings. There are, in fact, other misconceptions about math and science education, but this false belief is the most pervasive and deserves close examination.
America has always been, and remains, a world leader in higher education. That means comments about “restoring” America's leadership must refer to K-12 schools. Fragmented evidence suggests that American schools demanded much more of their students in the 19th Century and early in the 20th Century. Examine, for example, these historic New York State Regents exams in mathematics. But we have no systematic comparative data about what other countries were requiring in those earlier eras. The only rigorous data comparing national educational achievement were collected and reported after World War II, i.e., after digital computers became available to process and analyze the data. <source>

Math Tutor films on YouTube for free.

This is a series of videos about doodling in math class. Hopefully more info about the mathematics soon. For other videos, see this page. To download a video, right click and select "save link as" (or something like that, depending on your browser). Feel free to show any of my videos anywhere.
Doodling in Math Class: Binary Trees


Math and Reading Help for Kids - Homework Help, Tutoring and Parenting Advice.

  • Algebra is how you know your supermarket is ripping you off.
  • Algebra is how you figure out if going 10mph over the speed limit will get you to your destination faster. (is the ticket worth you saving 15 minutes?)
  • Algebra is the gateway to higher maths, whether you ever properly learn them.
  • Basic algebra is a part of every day life. If you can't solve for x, you're getting run over by the world.
  • There's a fantastic book called "Forgotten Algebra". I pull my copy out every couple of years and work my way through it. Good for my aging brain, and better for my ability to get through the world.

Math and Reading Help for Kids - Homework Help, Tutoring and Parenting Advice.

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