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Trouble Areas for Kids and Parents
Internet Safety Rules. Parents
learn how to keep children safe on the Internet.




You are being followed: The business of social media surveillance
MuckRock will investigate how police across the country are monitoring, tracking, and archiving public social media posts. To plug into our work, follow this link to file a freedom of information request using MuckRock's platform.


"getting rid of social presence"

You would want to in fact, increase your media presence 10-20x. Paying people to maintain false accounts with various real & fake pictures of yourself claiming residence in places you have lived or traveled. These large active social media accounts will provide a haystack buffer for your real account which you will gradually provatize and hide. reply ChuckMcM 3 days ago Generally what you are asking for is not currently possible. You can make requests of search engines to not show links, you can send DMCA takedown requests to places that have photos, and you can plead with forum mods to delete your posts. You can ask the Internet Archive to delete pages about you. But none of that protects you when some kid who made a copy of things and posts them again and again on some random forum site like one of the chan sites or some other home grown forum. Eventually it will be indexed again and you'll be back trying to whack it out of existence. Sorry.


Work Place Twitter Tools
People are in a constant state of impression management. They've got their true self and the self that they want to project to the world.





THINK: Do you know where the expression "drum up business" comes from?

When the circus sent the advance man/men into the next town to JAZZ up the folk - they beat the drum to get their attention and make their announcements to alert folks to expect them. The circus / traveling musicians / medicine shows and all the various people needed to cause a big noise that would get folks attention, prime the pump - get them ready, excited, and in the mood to participate which in turn sold tickets and merchandise.


Do you have advance men? I don't think so. Do you stand on the corner and announce where you are going to be? I don't think so. Can you pay the cost to advertise this information through TV - Radio - Newspapers? I don't think so and even if you did. . . who is paying attention.


Social Music Revolution for Musicians

Making yourself totally available to your fans, who love you, want to give you presents, feed you dinner, let you sleep overnight, give you a house party, fans who will pass the hat and help you make money. This isn't the music business plan or the music buisness model this is how you start you music business career in the the music paradigm. No on knows how it will be in 5 years. But this is how you get started.

Social Music Revolution submit listening data to it

Music Buisness Success Stories:
How to use twitter to effectively grow your Music Fan base.

"twitter is EVERYTHING: it is a MAINLINE insta-connection with the fans. there is ZERO middleman. my fans hung out with me all day on twitter "
Twitter is becoming part of every day solutions to a great number of different professions, organizational goals like recruitment and brand building. A tool like Twitter can provide another touch point. The trick is to find the right balance between connecting with the person and the organization without being intrusive. As jobs have gotten more complex the high school no longer supplies the skills to multitask and communicate with customers. People with high school degrees or PH.D.'s will need to know how to use technology and have the needed social media skills.


Social Media

Your fans (friends & followers) beat your drum they are your advance team.. You let the people know when you are coming to town and how to find you. You give your fans direct access to you. It is easy to twitter with them en masse, building your tribe, you are the leader of the band, you are the leader of the tribe.

Benefits of using Twitter

  • Over come Censorship with text messages
  • SMART MOBS A new form of social coordination made possible by the usage of modern technology, in particular the Internet and wireless devices.
  • Department Of Defense going after social network sites. New Scientist Magazine has discovered that Pentagon's National Security Agency, which specialises in eavesdropping and code-breaking, is funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social networks. And it could harness advances in internet technology - specifically the forthcoming "semantic web" championed by the web standards organisation W3C - to combine data from social networking websites with details such as banking, retail and property records, allowing the NSA to build extensive, all-embracing personal profiles of individuals. See Security and Privacy.


People use a many devices to twitter - it is about personal access - it is instant human connection - example

  • Twitter - think person to person P2P Whisper Down the Lane: only now it is M2M many 2 many a billion lanes listening. <Karen>
  • Search Twitter Click the Advanced Search link. I suggest bookmarking the Advanced page on your browser. There’s another link there that lists all search operators, like "within:10mi."
  • You can tweet from your phone by texting a message to 40404.
  • CyberPlayGround Twitter
  • Workplace Twitter Tips 2009
  • Teachers need to learn about social networks and teach the Kids who are using Social Networks how to protect themselves. WEB 2.0 TOOLS - LIST OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE
  • 7 Community Principles
    • Reply to someone's tweet
    • Retweet someone's tweet
    • Suggest people follow someone, and don't do it as part of "Follow Friday". Follow Friday is a meme and lacks sincerity and impact.
    • Write a positive tweet about something good
    • Don't engage in negative personality-attack tweeting

Folks who want to do business and make money in social media listen for intent.

make money in social media

Sound familiar? That's what made search marketing so revolutionary a decade ago. Search was a red flag of intent - when someone searches for, say, email marketing, they're exhibiting at least a casual interest in the subject matter. Focused, targeted questions asked to search engines belie even more intent. Searching for email marketing is one thing. Searching for “what is the best email marketing company in Reno, Nevada” displays clear intent, and search marketers have learned to make the most of these long-tail, deep, obscure queries. (they convert like crazy, too)
So how do you detect intent in social media? Let's use Twitter as an example. What questions belie intent? Think about your own use of language and then start playing mix and match with these keywords:

  • * recommend
  • * suggest
  • * anyone
  • * [your keyword]

Try it. Try it in Twitter search with your industry keywords and vertical.

Look at a couple of results for “anyone recommend social media”:

  • * ianrbruce: anyone recommend a good book on social media metrics & measurement?
  • * splashrafting: anyone recommend free social media measuring tools? Looking at some at present need to start to use more
  • * hellaPR: Can anyone recommend any good cases or articles on hotels using social media, on a large scale preferably.

Each of these are home runs for a book publisher, a listening company like Radian6, and a socially-engaged hospitality chain. It would take mere seconds to respond and likely convert better than any cold call.
How do you listen? Take your top SEO keyword list (you have one, right?) and combine your top keywords with recommend, suggest, and anyone in various combinations. You'll be amazed at the number of people blatantly flagging intent to buy your products or services, if only someone were listening.


Find + work with the info in social networks.

Folksonomy describes subject related Metadata the Semantic Web. Words that describe topics given by normal everyday people which takes the place of the card catalogues in the library. The tagging system involves a complicated categorization of all the things that might exist—what philosophers call an ontology. Like any comprehensive world-system, the Semantic Web ontology is subject to endless revision, with many gray areas. Google uses 'semantic' formulas that try to understand what the words in a query mean.

  • .Social Maps with tags

PODCAST - PODCASTING is a radio show that listeners subscribe to online.

Podcasts are a unique combination of subscription and publication.Meet some of the Folks responsible for creating social software web 2.o stuff like Alex Bosworth, designer of SWiK working of social software like zoka and Bram Cohen author of Bittorrent and CodeVille

  • VIDEOBLOG / VLOGS Video blogging Broadcasting Software


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