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Written by Classroom Teacher Alan Haskvitz
1997 National Teacher's Hall of Fame
All USA Today First Team Teacher
Reader's Digest Hero in Education
Cherry International Award for Outstanding Teachers
1994 National Middle Level Teacher of the Year (NCSS)

Edited by Karen Ellis Founder of ECP



UFunds for teachers
The Fund for Teachers grants are awarded to teachers who work with students in grades pre-kindergarten (K) through twelve (12) grade.

Worldwide report of girls and education

British schools report troubles
Assaults on teachers, reports of pupils driven to suicide, guns brought to school - just a few of the incidents seen in this country last week. Sarah Cassidy reports

Software now scores everything from routine assignments in high school English classes to an essay on the GMAT, the standardized test for business school admission.

Get paid to study economic lessons this summer

What really matters and what doesn't about parent involvement: A Handy Guide

Self-cloning robots are a chip off the old block
BIRDS and bees do it - now machines can reproduce too. The first scalable robot to have built an exact copy of itself could herald a fundamental rethink of how robots may be used to explore other planets.

Need a paper? Fake it Registration Required
For untenured professors, the pressure to publish is intense. But it's unlikely any professor would be desperate enough to use a tool that a trio of Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate students recently dreamed up.

Child Predators in Our Schools
Teacher, church use Metro schools to recruit teenagers, lawsuit says
A Hillsboro High School parent says a teacher recruited her daughter into the Brentwood-area Bethel World Outreach Center, where a church staff member told the teen that her relationship with God was strong enough that she no longer needed to take anti-depressive medication.


Historical film research
The best place to start is with the Imperial War Museum, Film and Video Archive which is excellent in dealing with film researchers for the war periods, and does not charge for them.

The British Film Institute which has a good catalogue,
helpful staff and has very reasonable viewing charges.

British Universities Film and Video Council
which has an excellent website, with access to Pathe newsreels online.
Search Newsreel Database
Contains 160,000 records of British cinema newsreel production 1910 - 1979 and a large collection of digitised documents. Now linked to Pathe newsreels.

Motorola is releasing an iTunes cell phone soon, possibly in July. Apple has introduced it's iSynch software in the past few years & works with iCal the way that Palm Synch works with stuff like Outlook. Watch for streaming MP3s to your cell phone over 3G.

How did the phrase "jump on the bandwagon" get started? The Music Business Model
Dan Rice had many lives. He was a pig presenter, a strongman, a lecturer, and a comic singer, all before joining the dazzling world of the circus. He specialized in pigs and mules, which he trained and sold to other clowns. He also presented an act with a trained rhinoceros and is the only person in circus history to present a tightrope walking elephant.
A composer, he created many popular topical songs. He campaigned for Zachary Taylor for President. One of the things he would do was invite Taylor to ride on the circus bandwagon in the circus parades. Local politicians would clamor to ride as well hoping his popularity would benefit them. People would comment, "Look who's on Taylor's bandwagon."

Do you know your State Song? I bet not.
Why don't teachers teach our state songs in our schools?

that combine amazing amounts of fun and everyone is still learning through the summer.


My first computer was a Mac - KE

Amazing Prehistoric Dogs

When you Need a good laugh
Example: wikipedia defined

In Defense of Stupid Users
"In the library world, we spend a remarkable amount of time and energy larding up our search interfaces with umpteen filters, Boolean pull-downs, radio buttons, and so on...After we've built the ultimate stretch Cadillac of search engines, we proceed to 'educate' the user about constructing searches in native command languages. And we're incredulous when Johnny turns to Google instead of to the awesome nuclear engine we've constructed."
Miller, Todd. In defense of stupid users. Library Journal, 130(5), 58. March 15, 2005.

Libraries: How They Stack Up It is bright and glossy, brochure with charts and images.
published in 2003 showing the economic impact of libraries.

Intergrate Arts and Technology into the Classroom
Do you need resources that will help your teachers use art and
technology using, dance, folktales, geometry, digital photography, poetry, story telling, video production, writing, cartoons, and more.


The younger population is more educated than the older population. In 2003, high school attainment levels by age generally increased up to 45 to 49 years (89 percent) and then decreased successively for each older age group. The oldest age group, those 75 and over, had the lowest high school attainment at 68 percent. Similarly, for postsecondary schooling, the percentage who had obtained a bachelor's degree was substantially higher for younger than for older age groups15 percent of people 75 and over had a bachelor's degree, compared with 28 percent of people 25 to 29.

Get More With Or
Google does recognize OR, but it must be typed in upper case. Lower case "or" is a stop word,
AND is implied in Google searches and does not require inclusion, in upper or lower case.
Think of it this way -- you get mORe with OR.

There are only three things in life:
Quality, Price, and Service.
But you only get to pick TWO.

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