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is a forum for the thoughtful discussion and exploration of digital reference and Ask-an-Expert (AskA) services - those individuals and organizations that answer questions from users via the Internetm digital reference services to provide expert information and reference help.

Educause discussion groups

LM Net
School Library Media & Network Communications

This list features discussions of computer networks in education, with an emphasis on online resources. Send email to (that's a number "one" in tamvm1"). In the message body, type: subscribe cneduc-l yourname (that's a lowercase "L" in "cneduc-l").

This is the public discussion group of the Consortium for School Networking. Send email to In the message body, type: subscribe cosndisc yourname.

This a broad education technology list. There is a lot of traffic (many messages per day), from technical questions about setting up hardware and software to discussions of best technology uses in the classroom. Send email to In the message body, type: subscribe edtech yourname.

This mailing list archive of a free information service delivers 2-3 email messages per week from the U.S. Department of Education. Each message features one report or initiative (or other information). To receive announcements via email, send a message to: In the message body, type: subscribe EDInfo yourfirstname yourlastname.

Education and networking discussions take place on this listserv. It is a fairly active list. Send email to In the message body, type: subscribe ednet yourname.

EDU-ONLINE is an open, moderated discussion list for professionals actively involved in delivering training and education via the Internet. Topics discussed include emerging technologies, online training methodologies, online curriculum development, and other aspects of exploiting the online medium to deliver quality professional development. To subscribe, send email to:

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