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Iowa is the only state that does not have state standards or statewide same testing. We use the Iowa Test of Basic skills and then we either buy or develop our own that get approved from the state. They use the National Science Standards in the science department and most other departments use their national standards too.

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The Fulbright Commission, admits that the UK high school education system is superior to the American one.. In this advice to British Academic's on exchange visits to the USA the commission implies that UK junior high is equivalent to US senior high. The US High School System was orignially modeled on that of Scotland.
The Scottish 'High School Diploma' - known as the 'Higher
Examinations' are taken at age 17 and used instead of SAT to test student ability for college. It's taken in 5 to 8 subjects (you would need passes a A or B in 7 for a place and Scottish 'Ivy League' such as Glasgow or Edinburgh)
Some sample MODERN - this year, examination papers.It's is directly comparable to a US High School Diploma.